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Request a Tutor

Request a QRC Tutor

Please note the QRC policies below regarding individual tutoring. Until a tutor is identified, students should come to the QRC for drop-in tutoring (often one-on-one) Sunday through Thursday, 2:00-10:00 PM.   

  • To help us find a tutor quickly, it is best to submit requests before the QRC lunch meeting on day #1 of each block.
  • Individual tutoring is limited to three hours per week per person (i.e., six hours per week for a team of two students).
  • Students should attempt to grapple with the material on their own before meeting with their tutor so that they can ask specific questions about concepts or problems.
  • Students working with a tutor are encouraged to work in the QRC alongside other students and tutors who can assist them as time allows.
  • Students can also work with Learning Assistants (LA) aligned with their course.
  • For requests submitted between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, responses from tutors may be delayed. 

Request a tutor at this link.