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Become a QRC Tutor

Overall Requirements

  • Growing content expertise in 1 or more scientific/mathematic disciplines,
  • Ability and willingness to take on QRC roles as individual tutor, Learning Assistant, and workshop or review session leader, and
  • Ability to listen and support learning by Colorado College students in quantitative dimensions of their courses.

Next Round of QRC Hiring Begins December, 2014

  • Applications due by January 18, 2015 (last day before Block 5 begins).
  • Student interviews and tutor selection in Block 5.
  • Tutor training and QRC apprenticeship in Block 6. 

Some Important Details

1. Accomplished math/science students are encouraged to inquire about QRC employment. The QRC maintains a staff of about 30 peer tutors during the academic year.

2. Students who seek QRC employment need to complete and submit the QRC Employment Application Form, and then complete an interview, tutor training, and paid tutoring apprenticeship.

3. QRC tutors are hired according to Colorado College's needs for a range of expertise in the QRC. While tutors may be hired during the year, most of the tutors will be hired in Block 6.

4. To be a QRC tutor, tutors must attend mandatory “Tutor Training” sessions, which include an apprenticeship period in the QRC.

5. Students must have I-9 & W-4 forms on record with Human Resources in order to be employed on campus. If you have held previous jobs on campus, your paperwork should be in place. For peer tutors serving as Learning Assistants or Individual Tutors, they will fill out a brief data sheet (2-3 minutes) on their main responsibilities in that role per block. 

6. Students do not need to be Work Study eligible to be employed in the QRC, since content expertise is required for this position. QRC tutors are among the highest paid student employees on campus.

7. For more information, contact the Director of the QRC by phone (227-8289), email (, or visiting the QRC in Tutt Library. 


Tutor Application Form

Please fill out your application form using the survey link below. When you submit your form, the answers are final. Refer to tutor application fields shown below, but you must enter final answers in the survey link below.

QRC Tutor Application  

Tutor Application Fields

First Name

Last Name


Email address

Expected Graduation Date

Major Discipline of Study

Minor Discipline of Study (if applicable)

1. Why do you want to be a tutor in the QRC? (Limit response to 500 characters.)

2. Do you have any experience teaching, working as a tutor, or serving in a leadership role? Please describe. (Limit response to 500 characters.)

3. List all Science, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, and Economics courses taken to date with professor and grade received. 

4. List all Science, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, and Economics courses you expect to take in the next year (including statistics, or other applicable courses).

5. List software you feel confident working with (e.g., Excel, Minitab, SPSS, STATA, Java, Mathematica, etc.)

6. Please list two faculty members as references who will recommend you.  You do not need letters of recommendation from faculty.

7. I understand that I will be expected to participate in mandatory tutor training in Block 6 and will not be eligible for hire unless I have completed this training.

Steve Getty, Ph.D.
Director, Quantitative Reasoning Center

Learning Commons at Tutt Library


The Colorado College
14 E. Cache La Poudre
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3294