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    Rules for Campers

    FunQuest campers are to remember:

    • Be responsible for belongings
    • Be on time for all scheduled activities
    • Always tell a team leader when you check in or out
    • Always tell a team leader when you are going to use the bathroom
    • Confine eating to lunch and snack times
    • Always be courteous and cooperative
    • Foul language or verbal abuse will not be tolerated
    • Any form of physical fighting will not be tolerated
    • Play safely and use good sportsmanship
    • Always stay with your team and team leader
    • Be quiet during quiet time - a good rule is to rest and relax
    • Take rules seriously during activity times and field trips
    • Report anything wrong (e.g., broken toilet, burned out light, etc.) to the team leader
    • Leave money and special items at home
    • Wear sunscreen every day!
    • Most important of all: HAVE FUN!

    Indoors, FunQuest campers are to remember:

    • Horseplay is not allowed
    • Walk indoors at all times
    • Running is not allowed
    • Use inside voice
    • Do not leave the room without team leader's approval
    • Clean up your activity area before beginning another
    • Do not go into other children's cubbies
    • All children will help at clean up time

    On a field trip, FunQuest campers are to remember:

    • Wear and also bring sunscreen
    • Children will walk together to the bus/van and wait at the door
    • Children will enter the bus/van in an orderly line when the driver or the leader directs them to do so
    • Walk only when entering, leaving, or moving through the bus/van
    • Hands, books, and personal belongings must stay inside the bus/van
    • Nothing shall be put outside the windows of the bus/van
    • Windows shall be opened only with the permission of the leader or driver
    • The bus/van shall not be littered in any way
    • Children must stay with the team at all times
    • Children must stay with the adult they are assigned to (usually their team leader) at all times
    • Children will be expected to follow the special rules of the site being visited (reviewed before each trip)
    • Children will not use bathrooms without leader's approval
    • Horseplay, fighting, and profanity will not be tolerated
    • Any child experiencing behavioral problems on a field trip may be excluded from the next field trip or from the FunQuest program
    • All campers must wear FunQuest t-shirts on every field trip! (We have a limited supply of extra t-shirts at a cost of $15.00 to replace lost or forgotten shirts)