Ice Skating and Swimming


Most days in the afternoon, FunQuest goes swimming at Schlessman Pool. Some activities are diving off of the side, touching the bottom, and diving for toys. Campers need to sign a swim statement before the children will be allowed to swim. This statement indicates the child's current ability in swimming. This is important because the Schlessman Pool is an adult pool and the shallow end is 4 feet deep.

On the first day swimming at the CC Pool, every camper must pass a swim test administered by the lifeguard. The results of the test determine whether or not the camper can swim in the deep end of the pool (13'6"), or go off the high dive or the diving board.


Most Tuesdays and Thursdays, skating is offered at Honnen Ice Rink for $6 per camper for non-campus families. Rental skates are available and included in that fee. In order to go skating, campers need to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt, and gloves and helmets are recommended.

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