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Ice Skating and Swimming


Most days in the afternoon, FunQuest goes swimming at Schlessman Pool. Some activities are diving off of the side, touching the bottom, and diving for toys.

There are six teams at Fun Quest and there are two swimming sessions a day. The first session starts at 1pm and ends at 2pm. The second session starts at 2pm and ends at 3pm. The teams that swim together each day vary from day to day. For example, on Monday teams 1, 4, and 6 will swim the first session and teams 2, 3, and 5 will swim the second session. We go swimming at the Colorado College Pool three days a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday).

Every other Friday, we go to the Monument Valley Pool (MVP) to swim. Monument Valley Pool is a public pool at Monument Valley Park near to Colorado College campus. On Fridays we switch off watching a movie in the afternoon at Olin and swimming at MVP. MVP is a much smaller pool than the CC Pool. At Monument Valley Pool there are two slides that you can go down into the water and there is also a diving board.

On your first day swimming at the CC Pool, every one of us must pass a swim test to be able to go into the deep end of the pool which goes down to 13'6". The swim test consists of swimming one length of the pool without stopping and without help.


Every Tuesday and Thursday FunQuest kids get a chance to go skating at Honnen Ice Rink. Honnen Ice Rink has rental skates for the kids to use. In order to go skating, you need to wear long pants and long sleeve shirt, and it would be a good idea if you brought gloves and helmet if you want.
Some days the kids go to Honnen Ice Rink and play Hockey.