Field Trips

Wednesdays are field trip days! All children must arrive by 8:30 AM so that the buses can depart by 9:00 AM. Most trips return to campus by 4:30 PM.

Below is a list of field trips made by FunQuest campers over the past few years, just to give you a representative sampling. As soon as the schedule is set for this summer's field trip excursions, the calendars will be posted to this website.


Bear Creek Park/Bear Creek Nature Center
Beidleman Nature Center in AM; Sky Sox baseball game in PM
Bowling & Air Force Academy
Buell Children's Museum in Pueblo
Casa Bonita & Invesco Field Tour in Denver
Castlewood Canon State Park
Catamount Institute
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Denver Rockies baseball game
Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park
El Paso County Fair in Calhan
Garden of the Gods & Rock Ledge Ranch
Lake Pueblo State Park
Manitou Cliff Dwellings in AM; Skate City in PM
North Pole
Olympic Training Center
Red Rock Canyon
Westminster Butterfly Pavilion
All children must wear FunQuest t-shirts on Wednesdays. Check the bulletin board for more specific information about each field trip, or check the field trip calendar that is prepared for families to take home each summer. Please contact the FunQuest staff if alternate arrangements need to be made.

Field Trip Policies and Procedures:

All children participating in field trips must have written permission from parents or guardians.

Each team leader is responsible for his or her own team at all times. In addition, each team leader shall participate in overseeing the entire group, to ensure the safety and well-being of each child on the trip.

Children shall remain seated at all times while the vehicle is in motion. Arms, legs, and heads must remain inside the vehicle at all times.

It is essential that each child is aware of his or her responsibility for knowing where their team is at all times.

Team leaders will stress the importance of staying with the group, and in the event that a child does get separated, team leaders will stress the importance of staying where they are until they are found!

If a team leader finds that a child is missing, they will assign the other children in their care to another camp staff member while they find the missing child. Calls will be immediately made to Campus Security and/or to 911. The Camp Coordinator and the Children's Center Director will be notified immediately.

A First Aid Kit will be taken on all field trips.

It is the camper's and parents' responsibility to retrieve all items left on the buses. The buses (and their Lost and Found bin) are located at Facilities Services, telephone number 389-6568.


Colorado College will provide vans and buses for field trips.

Colorado Springs public transportation may also be used at times.

CC's Facilities Services will provide bus drivers.

Children will walk to nearby areas such as Monument Valley Park and the Penrose Public Library.

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