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Alex Hernandez-Siegel

Alex Hernandez-Siegel

Chaplain to the College & Associate Dean of Students

We all have interesting stories to tell about our paths in life and how all of us arrived in our different ways to Colorado College and the Springs.  I often compare our journeys before and after Colorado College as being very similar to plunging into the rabbit hole into Wonderland.  One twists and turns constantly, meets many interesting characters who challenge our intellects, logic, beliefs, and eventually one lands in a garden. All of our gardens have many more flowers and areas of life to explore.  The main difference is that our journeys take place in real-world situations, and also how we are shaped by our environments, personal experiences, and how we shape the lives of others.

I am the Chaplain to the College and Associate Dean of Students and have my ordination credentials with the Mennonite Church.  My own story is quite different than most.  Being an individual of Puerto Rican-Jewish backgrounds but raised in a Puerto Rican household in New York City and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, many people often wonder how “Mennonite” fits into the picture.  After attending other Protestant congregations in Brooklyn, my family joined the Mennonites once we moved to Pennsylvania.  We were deeply impressed with their goals of social justice, volunteer work on a global scale, and the importance they place on their commitment to community.  In my time in Puerto Rico, I was also pleasantly surprised to discover small, but very active Mennonite congregations there, particularly in the beautiful town of Aibonito in the Central Mountains.

Before my arrival in Colorado Springs, I was the Mennonite chaplain at Harvard and served in other student affairs roles at the University. I was the Community Associate for Dr. Diana Eck’s Pluralism Project at Harvard which researches the growing religious pluralism in the United States and also the Director of Academic and Diversity Programs for Genomics Training at Harvard Medical School in the lab of Dr. George Church. I also served as the Assistant Dean of Student Life and Advisor to Latino/a Students at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire for a number of years. My main goals in my work are being a counselor for students and developing programming to enhance their skills in spiritual, academic, social, and leadership development in a diverse environment.  I hold a Ed.M. from Harvard in a joint degree program between the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Divinity School, a Master of Arts degree from Dartmouth College in Cultural Studies, and a BA from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in Cultural Anthropology.

As you see where your rabbit hole takes you, I hope that we meet along the way.  I always believe there should be times for reflection and finding those individuals who will challenge you, but also support you along your journey.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to meet.  I would enjoy hearing from you. 

Activities & Interests

Religious pluralism, Mennonite history and theology in developing nations, urban and cultural anthropology, interfaith dialogue and social justice initiatives, Latin American and Latino/a studies, and Latin American/Latino music (plena, salsa, and bachata) and the classical music of Brahms and Joaquin Rodrigo.