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Chaplains' Office Mission Statement

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  • As we continue our path into the 21st century, the Colorado College Chaplains’ Office’s mission is to support the spiritual and religious development of the CC community in relation to self-exploration, community development, and serving as mentors to students as they engage a nation and a world defined by its pluralism.
  • The United States is no longer considered a solely Christian nation, and it is our goal to assist students to learn more and support the religious diversity which continues to develop.  We will continue to support community members in the Judeo-Christian traditions, but also concentrate on the inclusion of a multi-faith perspective and how we can learn from both the similarities and differences among these traditions.  muslim girl
  • Our goal is to help students find a balance in self-care through mind, body, and spirit.
  • We will also emphasize leadership and educational development within this pluralism and build on cultural and social competency learning among students at CC which will help serve them as informed citizens of the world
  • Integrate our work with the scholarly and intellectual mission of the CC faculty and in student development in conjunction with the offices in Student Life.
  • Emphasize connections with underrepresented populations at CC and the Colorado Springs community in our spiritual life programming, activism, and advising support to enhance the education of students in building community, spiritual connection, and self-empowerment.
  • Create opportunities to assist students in building emotional and social intelligence in order to bridge communities, develop mindfulness, and learning through dialogue.

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