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Monday, August 27, 2018
Alex Hernandez-Siegel, Chaplain to the College and Associate Dean of Students

“Who are you?”

“Where are we?”

 “Where are we going?” 

 Reading from Proverbs 10:9: “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely.”

 Indirect, but also directed questions as we think about a new dawn of an academic year and the opening of a new chapter for each class of our students.  A new chapter of anticipation, of excitement, but also of a new mission which will be developed on this campus in a time when your endeavors are needed the most.

 When we think of superheroes, we have our flashbacks to our childhoods or even today, enjoying our Marvel or DC Comics, seeing the super heroes save the day.  I’m thinking of names such as Spider Man, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, and my new favorite, La Borinqueña, the Puerto Rican superhuman.  They stir us to cheer them on for their good causes and saving others.

 Now it is a time for a new force of heroes and saviors…and they are sitting next to you right now.  You’ll pass them in the hallways of South Hall, the academic buildings, and CC’s athletic fields, and I want you to find that heroism within yourself as well.

The Muslim leader, Zaid Shakir, in a speech for the United for Change Conference in Washington, DC stated, My brothers and sisters; both in faith, and in humanity; now is the time for us to be called into action. Now is the time for the emergence of the hero.  Let us ask, just what is a hero? There are many answers to this question. No matter how we answer, we will find that heroism is inseparable from mercy.”

Your investment in time and energy at CC is the foundation of the new group of heroes and heroines before us.

You, on this campus, are the hope that we seek to represent the empowering of human endeavor and bringing out the best of what we can be.  In times of uncertainty in the world, I have told students to continue with their biology research projects, go to practice for the soccer team, to engage in spiritual practice, and perform in concerts with their cello.  I will say that these things are more important than ever for these activities embody what we wish for in the human spirit, of progress, teamwork, and furthering the beauty of the cultivation of human creativity and love. 

In the “hope” I speak of this day, I also will say that your daily efforts here are embraced by what we mean by the definition of earthly saviors.  I ask you to think about who your heroes are…your family members, dear life-long friends, and teachers. Prepare yourself to meet more during this time of your life and how you will also be a part of a league of heroes which will bring us into our next chapters of glory.  Your commitments to your talents and to one another are embodied by this heroism and your determined spirits will continue to drive it. 



Oh, Creator that we know by many names,

As we enter a new year of learning and growth at Colorado College, we ask that you bless us on our endeavors.  It is a time of renewal and wonder, and we are grateful for the opportunities which await us.

The core of knowledge is one of seeking and exploration in the quest to find deeper meaning in the subjects and values which encircle our humanity. 

Give us the strength to work toward your glory and your will for our community, and to help us to continue to define our common goals…to support one another and to find the best qualities among all of us.   We also ask that in the development of our future leaders among us on campus that you continue to fill their vision with sustained direction balanced with love and humility. 

Help us to apply our wisdom and passion during times of glory… and strength during times of challenge on campus, in our nation, and in the world, expanding our definition of the healing arts for a world which continues to search for a guiding light and peace.

We ask this in your name.  Amen. 

- Alexander B. Hernandez-Siegel
  Chaplain to the College and Associate Dean of Students
  August 28, 2017