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Student Resources

General Resources

Engaged Leader Reflection Toolkit

K-12 and Youth-Specific Student Resources

Student Group Handbook

General Consent Forms

  • Click here to access waiver forms for working with community partners.
  • Click here to access waiver forms specifically for working with minors.

CCE Library

The CCE has a number of books, journals, dvds and other media available for use by staff, faculty and students. You can browse our selection by clicking here.

Event Recording

Want to record an event? We can provide a basic video recorder and/or camera for your use.

Summit Help

This video is a brief introduction to Summit, a new tool the CCE is using to help student leaders: recruit and communicate with members, create shared calendars and set up automated reminders, publicize events, and easily log group hours.

You can also view a pdf of the video above by clicking here.