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    The Co-op



    The Co-op is an organization made up of 5 coalitions that work collaboratively to deepen CC’s collective impact throughout Colorado Springs. Student organizers are responsible for co-leading 1 of the 5 coalitions that bring together students who do community-engaged work on the following issues: education, sustainable community development, mass incarceration/prison reform, refugee/immigration issues, or political advocacy. Each coalition goes through the process of identifying a problem and designing a corresponding project to work on for the duration of the academic year.

    For additional information or to get involved, please email Sophia Pray at


    The CCE Co-op is a cooperative of student organizers committed to facilitating intracampus collaboration in order to mobilize the campus community and deepen Colorado College’s collective impact throughout Colorado Springs.


    The Co-op has 5 coalitions:

    1. Education Coalition
      Organizers: Claire Altieri, Dolma Rabgay
    2. Sustainable Community Development Coalition
      Organizers: Abigail Ezell, Westly Joseph, Madie Alexander
    3. Prison Project Coalition
      Organizers: Emma Kerr, Lily O’Dowd
    4. Refugee Alliance Coalition
      Organizers: Natalie Sarver, Pranit Garg, Awais Syed
    5. Political Advocacy Coalition
      Organizers: Kadin Mangalik, Elam Boockvar-Klein, Rachel Powers

    The organizers of each coalition represent the interests of student organizations working within these issues at blockly meetings Co-op meetings. These meetings are used to build community within the Co-op, develop the leadership capacity of organizers, and strategize ways to approach the coalitions’ selected problems.

    Responsibilities of Organizers:

    • To choose a problem to work on throughout the year
    • To design a project to deepen CC’s impact on addressing the chosen problem
    • To conduct outreach to other members of the campus community working on the issue
    • To write a short academic brief on the issue
    • To collaborate with other coalitions on their projects

    Why join the Co-op?

    • To transform ideas about change into actions
    • To sharpen skills like:
      • Community organizing
      • Volunteer management
      • Event planning
      • Public relations/communications
      • Qualitative research
    • To gain research experience by writing the brief
      • Potential foundation for a senior thesis
      • Ideal writing sample for certain job applications
      • Useful skill for students interested in studying/working on public policy
    • To access campus & community mentors
    • To earn hours towards CES, CEL & CEF requirements