10 Ways to Work with the CCE

Open to collaborating with the CCE, but not sure where to begin? Below, we've drafted a roadmap of possibilities for collaboration.

Reach out to jradke@coloradocollege.edu with questions.


Learn engaged learning and research models adapted to the block

We are curating a course list and beginning to build a library of syllabi, student projects, assignments, and research projects suited for a condensed format. Stay tuned!


Gain a thought partner in the work

Need support in thinking through how to integrate community-engaged work into your teaching and research? Reach out to Director Jordan Travis Radke at jradke@coloradocollege.edu.


Connect with community-based organizations (CBOs)

Reach out to our Community Partnerships Coordinator Niki Sosa at nsosa@coloradocollege.edu for support in building relationships with local organizations, or check out our community partners database.


Seek financial support

Apply for grants for engaged curriculum support, course development, and CER Support. Reach out to jradke@coloradocollege.edu for more details.


Identify community research needs

The CCE is facilitating an RFP process year for community organizations to generate a list of community-driven CER projects that could connect to your teaching or research.


Share and celebrate your work

Let us know what you're up to so we can elevate your efforts through CCE and college communications, celebratory events, and connecting you with other faculty. Email rbishop@coloradocollege.edu.


Stay in the know

Sign up for our Engaged Faculty listserv to stay in the loop for interesting events, faculty development opportunities, and helpful pedagogical/methodological resources. Contact rbishop@coloradocollege.edu to join.


Get involved in collaborative engaged research projects

This year the CCE will begin to work with faculty service committees to craft collaborative projects in which other faculty may get involved. Stay tuned.


Connect student coursework with CBOs

Interested in having your students engage in applied research during your course? CCE staff can consult with students to help them connect their papers, projects, theses, or capstones to local organizations.


Gain co-facilitators

CCE staff are happy to visit your classroom to lead a class, discussion, or exercise around how to engage in community work or research intentionally and equitably.

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