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    New Organization Proposal

    Are you interested in starting a new student organization that partners with a local organization, non-profit, or school or addresses a community need? Follow the steps below to begin the process for becoming a CCE-sponsored organization:

    1. Complete the New CCE Student Organization application on the CCE’s Summit page to propose your idea for a student organization.
    2. Schedule a meeting with the Civic Leadership Program Coordinator to discuss your application and any questions you have.
    3. Revise your student organization idea based on feedback from the Civic Leadership Program Coordinator.
    4. Work with the CCE to formalize partnership with community organization.
    5. Request student organization start-up funds from the CCE, if necessary.
    6. Recruit members.
    7. Submit a completed Advisor Agreement.
    8. Consider joining the CCE Leadership Council.
    9. Enjoy working with your community partner and leading your student organization!