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    Need some additional ideas or support?  Check out our curated lists below!

    Coming Up with Good Project Ideas Specifically for Students

    Leaders should be careful to not offload their own energy vampires on remote interns, but rather select complete projects that an intern can start and finish in a few months.

    Too, it's important to select projects which are important or notable to a large group. This ensures that many people in the organization are invested in the intern's success, and it widens the scope of available mentors who are knowledgeable about the project and can step in and help across time zones.

    If possible, avoid time critical work. Great intern projects tend to be items which are largely seen as "nice to haves" by full-time staff. These are projects that everyone recognizes would benefit the organization, but do not rise to the level of priority necessary to demand senior staff attention.

    Coming Up with Remote, Virtual Capcity-Building Projects

    Connecting to Courses

    Community Engagement and Remote Teaching: Reflections and Resources:Though directed at faculty, this short article provided by Cara DiEnno (DU’s CCESL) has some information on re-thinking engagement in a remote environment that could be useful to you as non-profit supervisors.

    Resources for Specific Types of Projects

    The following content has been adapted from the Non-Profit Consulting Corps Training Guide created by Chelsea Naylor at DePauw University - a member of the Bonner Network.

    Non-Profit Consulting Overview

    Social Media/Communication Resources

    General Communication Resources

    Volunteer Recruitment & Management

    Community Engaged Research:


    Website Optimization


    Project Examples

    The Art of Asking Questions

    Additional Resources