Database FAQ

My event does not have a service or community engagement component, but we are interested in utilizing campus space. What can we do?

Please visit this link to view college policies on hosting events:

My organization is listed as a partner, but the information in the database is incomplete or incorrect. How do I update it?

With our new community partner database, hosted on a site called "Summit," representatives from your organization can directly provide information to the CC community about your mission, programs, volunteer needs, contact information and more. To do so, one or two representatives from your organization will be given administrator access; if you have not received information from our office concerning administrative access to the Summit site, please contact us at

My organization is interested in joining this database and currently have a partnership with Colorado College - how do we do so?

If your organization fits the criteria outlined above, but is not currently included in the database, please email us at with the following:

  • Organizational information - name, address, website, and mission
  • Contact information - email, phone number, and specific staff contact
  • Partnership information - description of the current or past partnership, including the specific campus office, department, course, or other campus entity affiliated
  • A brief description of what your organization is looking for

This email will initiate the conversation, and our staff will follow-up promptly.

My organization is interested in joining the database to formally express our interest in partnering with Colorado College in the future - how do we do so?

Our hope is that this database can be used as a tool to help develop partnerships by helping us to keep tabs on organizations that are interested in working with us, and to which we could contribute. Please visit our main community partner page to read more about what we mean by "partner," the benefits of partnerships, ways to partner, what to expect when working with CC volunteers, and next steps. After a face-to-face conversation with one of our staff about possible partnerships, if your organization fits the criteria outlined above our office can add you to this database. This step will facilitate with follow-up and communication after this initial conversation.

My organization doesn't really fit the criteria of a "partner," but we do have information we'd like to share with students - how do we do so?

No matter if you're looking for volunteers for a one-time or short-term opportunity or to develop a deeper, reciprocal, and impactful partnership that supports the mission of the College and engages diverse communities, we want to hear from you! Please contact Niki Sosa, our Community Partnership Development Coordinator, at

You can find additional information about how the CCE partners with local organizations by clicking here.

If you have another type of opportunity to share with students - such as a conference, job posting, internship, or educational event - please email us at

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