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The Art of Asking Questions

Brainstorming Research Needs

What does your organization need to know? How might research help you to explore and seek answers to the questions below?

Brainstorming Question

Support Understanding Of:

Why does your organization exist?

What do you wish you better understood about the problems, issues, cultures, and systems that produce a need for your organization?


What are the dreams and goals for your organization?

How might these dreams and goals need to evolve?


To what extent is you organization making a difference? How do you know?

How do you tell the story of that impact?


What is limiting your organizational effectiveness?

How might your organization be more effective? What work, models, or organizations inspire you?


What problems do you currently face? What are their solutions?

What is your greatest challenge for the next month, and how is your organization addressing it? What about for the next year, five years, or ten years?

What changes do you foresee impacting your organization in the future, and how might you adapt to them? Navigating Change

What decisions do you make, or have made, when the best option isn't clear?

On what issues do people disagree within your organization?

What might you want to know about your clients, or the population with whom you work, that you don't have the time and resources to find out? Understanding Community/Clients

To what extent do you work with not for the community?

To what extent is your organization diverse, inclusive, and equitable?

Inclusion and Equity
How might you work more collaboratively and strategically with other organizations in your field? Collective Impact
What do funders and donors want to know? Fundraising

What questions do clients and communities ask that you are unsure how to answer?

What about partners and collaborators? Volunteers?

Communicating Knowledge
What questions should your organization be asking? Strategic Thinking
If you had more time or resources, what would you like to learn more about? Professional Development
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