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From Direct to Deferred Reciprocity: Service- versus Community-Based Learning in International Anthropology Training.

This article published in The Applied Anthropologist, Fall 2008 is by Sarah Hautzinger, Professor of Anthropology and former director of the Partnership for Civic Engagement.

Campus Compact
Campus Compact is a coalition of more than 950 college and university presidents-representing some 5 million students-who are committed to fulfilling the public purposes of higher education. As the only national association dedicated to this mission, Campus Compact is a leader in building civic engagement into campus and academic life.

National Youth Leadership Council
For 30 years, the National Youth Leadership Council has transformed classrooms, empowered teachers, and captivated students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, service-learning content to school districts, classrooms, out-of-school youth programs and everything in between. NYLC offers research-based programs and services that are engaging and brings the world into the classroom. These programs give every student a chance to become a leader and solve real-world problems.

Faculty Toolkit for Service-Learning in Higher Education
The materials in the toolkit are divided into 10 units designed to aid faculty in every step of planning, designing, and implementing service-learning programs into their curriculum and institutions as well as program evaluation and assessment. Each unit includes tips and in-depth content information about the topic presented and most units include case studies providing 'real life' experiences.

Examples of CBL Syllabi sorted by Discipline
An extensive database of community based learning syllabi which can be searched by discipline, or with a focus on first-year seminars, senior capstones, or interdisciplinary courses.

At A Glance: What We Know about The Effects of Service-Learning on College Students, Faculty, Institutions and Communities, 1993- 2000: Third Edition. (Eyler, Giles, Jr., Stenson and Gray. Vanderbilt University, August 31, 2001)

"At A Glance" summarizes the findings of service-learning research in higher education over the past few years and includes an annotated bibliography. It is designed to provide a quick overview of where we are in the field today and a map to the literature.

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