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    PEAK Inquiry Project

    Are you interested in community-engaged learning and research, but need an idea for a project or a community partner?  Do you want to ensure that your work meaningfully addresses community-identified needs?  The CCE can help connect you to ideas for course projects, student assignments, or research projects submitted by community organizations and city departments!

    The Collaborative for Community Engagement (CCE) at Colorado College is launching The PEAK Inquiry Project -- a program through which community organizations and city departments can submit knowledge- and research-based project ideas to share with CC students, faculty, volunteer teams, and courses.  PEAK stands for “Publicly Engaged, Actionable Knowledge” and the mission of the program is to bring the knowledge of the campus to bear on public, real-world issues.  Our goal is to connect campus change-makers to community INQUIRIES – real-world questions, challenges, and problems – of the Pikes PEAK region. 

    As examples, here are some past projects at CC:

    • A political science course that analyzed survey data to better understand voting patterns on an upcoming ballot issue
    • Film students that annually produce short films for community organizations to facilitate storytelling about the organization
    • A team of sociology students that annually conduct a program evaluation of a local organization’s safe sex curriculum
    • A student volunteer that explored archival data for a community organization to better understand their organizational history
    • A environmental studies course that regularly conducts energy audits of local homes

    Interested? Here’s how the program works:

    1. Community organizations and city departments submit “idea briefs” for possible projects.
    2. The CCE posts the ideas on our website for your perusal throughout the year as you plan your courses.  We’ll also actively seek to “match” the idea to targeted faculty and/or students whose interests align with the project.

    Project ideas will be accepted on a rolling basis, so the list of ideas will evolve and grow throughout the year.

    If you would like to express interest in working with a listed PEAK Inquiry project, or to share more about your teaching and research in the hopes of finding a future community project “match,” contact CCE Director Dr. Jordan Travis Radke at

    Current Projects

    How might we reduce our environmental impact through using non-potable well water to water our lawns?

    : Old North End Neighborhood (ONEN)
    Idea: Conduct a feasibility study of using shared well water to water lawns and gardens in ONEN, localizing our water source and reducing spread of chlorinated water Initially, identify stakeholders and legal questions.
    Needs: Small team of students with faculty guidance.
    Contact: Dutch Schulz, President,

    How might we elevate underrepresented stories of survivors of domestic violence?

    : Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence
    Idea: Capture underrepresented survivor stories on film, including those of women of color, to highlight the vast impact of domestic violence
    Needs: A small team or class of students, preferably under faculty guidance       
    Contact: Kristen Faith, Founding CEO,

    How might we better prepare our community for a mass casualty event?

     Division of Criminal Justice - Office for Victims Programs
    Idea: Create, develop, and design a new website for a Colorado mass tragedy toolkit (all content provided by subject matter experts)
    Needs: A single students or team of students, preferably with faculty guidance, before the end of 2019.
    Contact: Anthony Tilger, Grants Compliance Monitor,