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    Bonner Reflection

    As a part of the Bonner Program, all CEF students will engage in various forms of reflection throughout their years in the program. All of these reflections are intended to provide guidance for students in terms of how they are processing the impacts of their direct engagement with community partners, and in terms of how the students are developing their own interests and desires within the community engagement realm.

    The First Year

    Because the first year of the CEF program is centered around exploration, we require that students submit formal write-ups of their experiences every block. The Assistant Director and the Civic Leadership Paraprofessional at the CCE will provide a prompt each block for the write-ups. These write-ups will be in the form of a short essay, around 1-2 pages, and will be submitted on Summit before the end of the block (the final Wednesday). These write-ups will help provide guidance for CEF students to engage in intentional, thoughtful reflection that produces more clear understandings of the community partner sites they visited, the work they were engaging in, and their own developing interests throughout the course of the year.

    The Second, Third, and Fourth Year

    As students enter their second year, and a more intensive schedule with one community partner, they will no longer be required to submit a reflection every block. Instead, students will be asked to complete a reflection before the end of every semester, once in the Winter (Block 4) and once in the Spring (Block 8). Students will have the option of submitting a longer-format essay (four-five typed pages), in response to a prompt the Assistant Director and the Civic Leadership Paraprofessional at the CCE will provide, or an alternative format (see guidelines below) with a one-page written supplementary description, or explanation, behind the project. Written documentation will be submitted via Summit, all other reflection formats will be submitted in person to either the Assistant Director or the Civic Leadership Paraprofessional.

    Alternative Reflection Guide

    Acceptable Project Formats

    Additional Requirements

    -      A video project or video essay

    -      N/A

    -      An art project (any medium acceptable)

    -      An artist’s statement (1-page) explaining the motivation

    -      A collection of journal entries from the CEF student’s experiences in the community

    -      Minimum of four entries (around 1-page each) or eight entries (half a page each) are required