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    Bonner Leadership Team

    BLTLeadership Within the Community Engaged Fellowship 

    As a Community Engaged Fellow at CC, you will be entering into a four-year long leadership development program following the Bonner model. Alongside direct leadership with community partners through your fellowship, you will also have the opportunity to step into an internal leadership position with the program each year. All of these opportunities are internally-focused, meaning they will involve coordination with the CCE staff to ensure well-rounded programming for Bonner students, successful Bonner retreats and trips, and intentional workshops for the weekly or blockly Bonner meetings. There is one position that every student will be able to run for, every year, through an election-based process with the rest of the CEF cohort: Bonner Leadership Team (BLT) Representative. There will be one BLT Representative elected for each cohort year. The first year and sophomore year class representative will have the opportunity of attending Bonner Congress, and will be responsible for sharing their experiences with the rest of their cohort. Additionally, incoming third and fourth-year students will have the opportunity to apply to be a Bonner Student Intern. 

    While thinking about your trajectory as a Community Engaged Fellow at CC, you might want to consider leadership opportunities within the Bonner Program itself. We encourage you to think about the possible benefits of getting more involved with the program, while considering the time requirements of these positions as well. Conversations about Bonner Program leadership are highly encouraged with the Civic Leadership Paraprofessional as well as the Assistant Director of the CCE; additionally, conversations with students currently serving in these leadership roles are beneficial to this decision process. 

    Bonner Leadership Team Representative Roles

    The Bonner Leadership Team consists of one representative elected from every year of the Bonner program, for a total of four representatives, and will meet blockly alongside their other year-specific Bonner meetings to discuss upcoming events, student morale, and accountability practices. The CCE Bonner Student Intern will be the leader of these hour-long blockly meetings, and will have a shared agenda that all BLT members can contribute to throughout the block. The Bonner Leadership Team as a whole will be responsible for upholding community standards, which includes designating sanctions in correspondence with CCE staff for Bonner students as cases arise. Each BLT Representative will also work closely with their year’s class to focus on year-specific programming like the first year retreat or the sophomore exchange. Individually, BLT members are responsible for generating productive discussions during the blockly meetings and boosting the overall morale and dedication of students in the Bonner program by checking in with their peers, encouraging participation in social bonding activities, and being a role model within the program. 

    BLT Representative Election Process

    BLT Representatives will both be chosen through a democratic election process by the rest of the students in their respective year. Any student enrolled in the Bonner program is allowed to run, however conversations with the CCE staff are highly encouraged beforehand. Students who are interested in running will draft a short speech (2-3 minutes) covering their narrative, motivation for running, and hopes for the position, and then present to their cohort at the first meeting of Block 1. Once elected, the representatives from each year will begin their duties as assigned later that block.

    Bonner Student Intern Role Description

    Incoming third and fourth year students will have the opportunity to serve as a Bonner Student Intern with the CCE, which will count for that year’s CLA and be a paid position. Students will work one summer and the following academic year in the CCE office, reporting to the Civic Leadership Paraprofessional and the Assistant Director. As an Intern, students will have the opportunity to work closely with staff and faculty at CC, as well as with community partners in Colorado Springs and the Bonner network at-large. The primary responsibility for Bonner Student Interns is to help manage the Bonner Program, which entails helping organize new Bonner orientation and year-long programming, assisting with Bonner recruitment and interviews, maintaining constant communication with Bonner students across all four years as needed, and helping CCE staff with other office projects as assigned. 

    Additional Information for Bonner Leadership Positions

    As CC is participating in the national Bonner network with the Community Engaged Fellowship, the leadership roles that are described above follow suit with many of the other participating schools across the U.S. More information about Bonner Leadership opportunities can be found here on the Bonner network website.