Bonner Leadership Team


BLTThe Bonner Leadership Team provides an avenue for student voice and advocacy, serves as an element of the Bonner student support network, and generates an opportunity for Bonner students to cultivate professional and personal skills, and participate directly in the development and visioning of the program

Core Expectations & Opportunities

Overview of the BLT

Students are not required to participate in the BLT during their time in the Bonner program at CC but are highly encouraged to engage as they see fit.

The BLT is meant to be made up of at least one Bonner from each cohort year to ensure every year has a representative. Additionally, the Director of the Bonner Fellowship (who is the student intern that sits in the CCE Co-op) will lead the BLT.

Application process

Submit your resume and cover letter to the Director of the Bonner Fellowship by the beginning of Block 2.


Members of the CC Bonner Leadership Team are encouraged to join the Bonner Learning Community. Within this platform, there is a "Group" for Senior Interns and for Bonner Leadership Team members. You can join these groups, which will give you access to information such as announcements and posts from other members. You can also make posts, create questions and polls for others in the group to respond and answer.


Please note that all of the BLT position responsibilities are subject to be altered to adapt to the needs of the program and students, including during this time of COVID-19.

All BLT:

  • Attend the BLT meeting with CCE staff and the Community Engaged Fellow Intern(s) once per block
  • Hold an open session once per block to create a transparent space for actively listening to student feedback and answering questions
  • Contribute to a blocky newsletter with meeting agendas, updates, and other relevant information, and take turns reporting out Bonner news during each all-Bonner meeting
  • Participate in collective decision-making and voice inclusive student perspective on program policies, programming, and curriculum
  • Act as a liaison by regularly engaging in dialogue with Bonner peers, the Director of the Bonner Fellowship, and CCE staff

Bonner Conferences

Fall Bonner Congress & Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) Opportunity

BLT members and/or Bonner interns have the opportunity of representing Colorado College at the annual Fall Bonner Congress Meeting through the Bonner network. As representatives, these two students share their vision and Colorado College's vision of the future of the Bonner Program with representatives from participating schools, as well as report back any new programs or ideas that are discussed at the Congress. Bonner Congress representatives will be elected by BLT members each year.

Additionally, the Bonner Summer Intern(s) have the additional opportunity of attending the Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) sponsored by the Bonner network in June. This is another great conference that allows for Bonner networking, learning, and program development idea generation.

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