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    The Co-Op



    The CCE Co-Op is designed to initiate purposeful, intentional collective impact work on the CC campus that integrates community organizing learning with project-driven, community-informed work. 

    The Co-Op, which officially got started during the academic year of 2018-2019, is now in its second year of operation. The Co-Op lives at the CCE, which means it is a program advised by CCE staff and supported by office resources, however it is run primarily by students in collaboration with CC faculty and staff members, and community members. The Co-Op consists of 3 coalitions that are made up of students, staff/faculty, and community partners who do community-engaged work on the following issues: Education, Sustainable Community Development, or Political Advocacy. Coalition meetings happen each month, and are open to the public and required for CCE-advised student organization leaders working within those issue-areas. Two student leaders--called Co-Op Organizers--are responsible for co-leading 1 of the 3 coalitions and running the monthly meetings. The meetings will provide opportunities for student org leaders and any other individuals doing work related to the issue-area to describe problems they are facing with their work, successes they have had, and concerns they would like to address through future project-based work. These meetings will also feature faculty members who are doing related research for each issue-area and community partners who are more intimately connected with the issue-area through their organization focus. All Co-Op organizers take an introductory Community Organizing class, and go through the process of identifying a problem within their coalition, and then designing a corresponding project to work on for the duration of the academic year.


    Click here to view the Co-op handbook!

    For additional information or to get involved, please email the Co-Op Director Sophia Pray at


    The CCE Co-Op is a cooperative of student organizers committed to facilitating intracampus collaboration in order to mobilize the campus community and deepen Colorado College’s collective impact throughout Colorado Springs.

    Organization Structure:

    The Co-op has 3 coalitions:

    1. Education Coalition
      Organizer: Claire Altieri
    2. Sustainable Community Development Coalition
      Organizers: Madie Alexander, and Margot Flynn
    3. Political Advocacy Coalition
      Organizers: Kadin Mangalik and Rachel Powers
    Coalition Goals:

    Enhanced shared identity among student organizations within issue area Shared and public forum for all interested individuals and groups to come together, connect with each other, learn from each other, and create with each other One of the following: A co-created campaign action, either internal or external; Co-created project, either white paper or event-oriented; Co-created awareness week, with multiple events, actions and that involves on- and off-campus partners; or Co-created capacity-building project where focus can be for on- and off-campus


    The organizers of each coalition are involved with their issue-area in various ways, whether it be through student organizations, academic work, or direct service with a community partner.

    Co-Op Organizer Bios:
    Organizer's Responsibilities
    • Co-facilitate blockly coalition meetings
    • Attend "Introduction to Community Organizing" class
    • Create written work of the coalition
    • Prep, plan, and oversee "implementation phase" of action for the year-long project
    • Present project successes and processes during a celebration night at the end of the year


    Why join the Co-op?
    • To transform ideas about change into actions
    • To sharpen skills like:
      • Community organizing
      • Volunteer management
      • Event planning
      • Public relations/communications
      • Qualitative research
    • To gain research experience by writing the issue and problem briefs
      • Potential foundation for a senior thesis
      • Ideal writing sample for certain job applications
      • Useful skill for students interested in studying/working on public policy
    • To access campus & community mentors
    • To earn hours towards CES, CEL & CEF requirements

    Get Involved

    Anyone can get involved! Reach out to the organizers of the coalition you are interested in and attend the monthly coalition meetings!

    • Students can also talk to Sophia Pray (, the Co-Op advisor and CCE staff member, to get involved as an Organizer for next year.
    • Faculty can talk to Dr. Jordan Rardke (, CCE Director, about possible collaborations.
    • Community partners can talk to Niki Sosa (, the Community Partnerships Coordinator at the CCE, about possible collaborations.


    Co-Op Celebration Night (May 2020, TBD)
    SCD Coalition Meetings (TBD)
    Education Coalition Meetings (TBD)
    Political Advocacy Coalition Meetings (TBD)