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K-12 Education

Skyler Trieu '15 tutors local students at the Bijou Community Center

First Year students prepare for their Priddy Experience Trips

Talia Stieger '13, explains the science behind 3D glasses at the 2013 COOL Science Festival

Hannah Widmer and Jonas Burke with their Public Achievement group from North Middle School

A local elementary school student experiments with chalk at the 2013 COOL Science Festival

K-12 Student Organizations

Aprender Mediante Amistad (AMA)

AMA is a student group that tutors bilingual immigrant children in reading, math and other academic subjects.  No Spanish knowledge is necessary.  

Bio Sciences Outreach Club

Bio Sciences Outreach Club engages Audubon Elementary fourth and fifth graders in fun and interesting science experiments.  They also discuss current research in a variety of fields.   


CCLIM runs an outdoor education program that builds self-esteem and environmental respect in middle school children who may not have had extensive opportunity to experience the natural wonders of Colorado. 

COOL Science

COOL Science brings interactive science to local elementary and middle school students in the hopes of sparking interest and excitement in the fields of mathematics, science and technology.  

CPS Tutors

CPS Tutors volunteer with high school students at Community Prep School (CPS), an alternative high school that provides students who may have had difficulties learning in a "regular" or typical high school setting with the opportunity to learn in innovative ways with flexible schedules.


CREATE matches Colorado College students with Mann Middle School girls to engage in creative, imaginative, and experimental activities.  The goal is to help the girls find a passion and through this passion build self-confidence.  Activities will take place on the Colorado College campus using the College's available resources.  

Early Scholars

Early Scholars is a group of CC students who mentor, tutor and serve as role models for students at Bristol Elementary School from 7 to 8 in the morning.  


Enseña gives students the opportunity to teach Spanish to elementary school children and share a passion for the language.

Mighty Math

Mighty Math offers math tutoring to struggling students at Taylor Elementary weekdays after school.

North Boys Enrichment Program

North Boys Enrichment Program matches CC volunteers with at-risk boys at North Middle School who are struggling to succeed in the school environment.

Public Achievement

Public Achievement is a national youth initiative that engages young people in community based civic education and public work. Public work is the difficult process of working with a group of diverse people to solve public problems and make a lasting contribution to our communities and world. The larger goal of the program is to expand notions of politics, democracy and citizenship by empowering CC students as agents of public change.  Students in Public Achievement at Colorado College coach small groups of local public school students in the development and implementation of projects designed to promote community wellness and resilience, and acquire valuable civic skills in the process.  Community work study positions are available for students who qualify.

Scratch Club

Scratch Club works offers an introduction to computer science for young students. The recent and continuing proliferation of computing technology in everyday life makes it more important than ever to begin education in this field as early as possible. The Scratch programming language from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab makes computer science accessible and fun for elementary school students. 

Volunteer Action (VA)

Volunteer Action (VA) matches CC role models with 4th and 5th grade students from West Elementary School.  They participate in fun, planned activities both on and off the CC Campus.