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Face to face

On-Going Service Opportunities

The Collaborative for Community Engagement (CCE) supports student-run organizations along three interrelated tracks: K-12 Education, Public Health, and Human Rights.  Each track houses roughly 10 student-run organizations, all of whom benefit from the conceptual and logistical oversight of the CCE.  A CCE staff member oversees each track, and meets with student leadership in each track on a blockly basis, providing guidance in the areas of conceptual framing, leadership, skill development, troubleshooting, and risk management.  Each track also offers many opportunities for inter-organizational networking and project development, and for student participants to build leadership skills and domain-specific competencies. 

K-12 Education

The K-12 education track supports a wide range of student-run organizations that emphasize partnerships with local schools. From art programs to mentorship initiatives, CC students can participate in a diverse array of K-12 education programs.  All programs in the K-12 education track gather regularly to participate in training on topics such as classroom management, mentoring at-risk youth, and promoting achievement motivation.  Risk management procedures in the K-12 track are streamlined for all programs, and all student participants are required to complete risk management training.

To speak to a CCE staff member about K-12 engagement opportunities, please contact Sarah Marshall at 719.227.8247 or via email at

Human Rights

The Human Rights track supports student-run organizations that seek to promote human rights locally, regionally, and globally.  These organizations address varied topics in prevention of human trafficking, refugee assistance, civic engagement, and microfinance.  All organizations in the Human Rights track participate in regular programming in the areas of international human rights, and human rights theory and practice.

To speak to a CCE staff member about human rights engagement opportunities, please contact us at 719-389-6846 or

Public Health

The Public Health track supports student-run organizations that emphasize prevention science and the promotion of local, regional, and global wellness. Organizations currently focus on domains like infectious disease prevention, disability awareness, women’s health, and child welfare.  The Public Health track also supports the CC Community Kitchen. All organizations in the Public Health track participate in regular trainings in public health theory and practice.

To speak to a CCE staff member about human rights engagement opportunities, please contact us at 719-389-6846 or