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CC Democrats

The Colorado College Democrats are committed to spreading political awareness and liberal ideologies to the students of Colorado College with the goal of encouraging students to be politically engaged and active in the democratic process. As a group, we have worked hard to turn the Colorado College campus into a forum for political campaigns and discussions, from the federal all the way to the local level.

From the presidential election to the mayoral and city council elections here in Colorado Springs, we have worked hard to create a connection between CC students and the democratic process. By bringing speakers to campus to discuss certain topics, such as race or the gun culture in America, we hope that students can see past the issues that they believe affect them personally and share a greater perspective on the issues that affect our country as a whole.

Finally, by working with the Young Republicans to help set up events on campus, we hope to foster a bipartisan political environment that will appeal to students who live in a time where partisanship plagues our federal government. 

"I became politically active in my community starting in about middle school when I lived in Boulder, CO. While at first joining the CC Dems was an easy continuation of what I was used to, the different political atmosphere at Colorado College and in the greater Colorado Springs has made it a completely novel experience. I really enjoy acting as a link between politics on campus and politics at a local, state, and national level."

-Rosa Baum '15, CC Dems Co-Chair