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CEL Capstones

Objectives of the CEL Capstone Project

  • Identify an issue of community concern, and design and organize a project geared toward affording solutions to the problem.
  • Assemble project reflection, analysis and results and generate accessible means of sharing, and defending, these with stakeholders.
  • Internalize habits of critical reflection, creative problem-solving, and multiple perspective-taking.
  • Demonstrate responsible, sustained commitment to the reciprocity required for authentic community engagement and community-based learning.

Past Community Engaged Leadership Capstones


  • Charlotte Allyn "Re-envisioning the CEL Program: A Self Study”
  • Rebecca Celli "Silenced Film Series"
  • Matt Nadal "Accessibility to Athletics: Providing Water Safety Lessons and Self-Awareness Practice to Marginalized Youth in Colorado Springs"
  • Maia Wikler “Indigenous Rights Movements in Vancouver: Understanding the Cross-Cultural Communication Barrier”


  • Sean Buck "Community-Based Learning at the Moab Free Health Clinic"
  • Caley Gallison "Creating a Sustainable Outdoor Education Program and Partnership"
  • Gianina Horton "Invisible: Racial Microaggressions at The Colorado College"
  • Brooke Larsen "Stewardship and Political Activism for the Protection of Greater Canyonlands: A Collaboration Between Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and Colorado College’s Outdoor Education Department"


  • Kelsey Bergeson "Food insecurity and the future of the CC Community Kitchen"


  • Benjamin Snow "Rethinking Sustainable; Rethinking Reciprocity; Rethinking Strategic Planning"
  • Eliza Brennan Pratt "Returning from Study Abroad: Processing the Re-entry Experience"
  • Marley Hamrick "Face-to-Face Colorado


  • Cris Landa "Living Out Youth Empowerment Theory and Practice"
  • Fransiska Dannemann "Challenging Youth Voter Conceptions of Colorado Springs Mayoral Candidates Through Education"
  • Joseph Glick "Heads of Faith: Interfaith Discussion Groups" 
  • Riley Wyman "Chinese Community-Based Action in Water Scarcity and Pollution"