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Theses and Papers

Winners of the Colorado College Prize on War, Violence and Human Values

Ceremony and the Liminoid in Fort Carson Infantry: Multiple Deployments, and Bringing our Troops "All the Way Home" by Trevor Storm Cobb, 2010.

Spiritual Fitness and Compassion Fatigue: The Proliferation of Pro-Military Spirituality Within the Army Chaplain Corps by Joseph Glick, 2011.

"Supporting Our Troops:" Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress disorder, Soldier Reintegration and the Soldier Support Network in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Julia Barefoot DeWitt, 2010.

The Militarization of Families: Exploring the Gender Dynamic of the Army Wife in the United States by Stephanie Tancer, 2012.

Related Papers and Theses

A “Halfie” Calls for an Anthropology of the Military by David Bayendor, 2012. 

A Possible Framework For Understanding the Intersection of Ethnicity and Mental Health Within Army Communities by Hana Lowe, 2011.

Alternative Counseling and PTSD: Cultural Frameworks and the Need for Narrative When Coping with Trauma by Giulio Brandi, 2012.

Camouflaged Costs: Military Influence on the Cultural Geography of Colorado Springs by Benjamin A. Felson, 2011. 





Communities of Healing: How Yoga is Used to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Combat-War Veterans by Emily Faxon, 2013.

Tattooing Identity: An analysis of historical and contemporary tattooing practices among members of the military community by Victoria Frecentese, 2013.

The Culture of Substance Use in the Military: Contextualizing an Ongoing Problem by Andrew Conarroe, 2011.