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Abigail Portman '16
Last summer, Abigail Portman ’16 was a full time apprentice at the Homestead at Seven Arrows, a mini-farm and retreat located on the Jersey Shore.  

"Going into this internship I was hoping to learn how to operate a farm, and how to manage livestock. I learned a massive amount in these two areas, but also I had the privilege of meeting the farmers in their first season. Since it was only the three of us working on the farm, I was involved in everything. Not only did I learn how to operate a farm, but I also learned how to start one.”

Alex Fitzgerald '14

Alex Fitzgerald ’14 interned this past summer with Senator Angus S. King in his Scarborough, Maine office.

“The internship was a satisfying experience, in which I built confidence that I can meet deadlines and perform in an office setting. I left the internship with a much clearer idea of what I want to do in politics... The office environment was very stimulating because everyone who worked there was so politically charged. For this reason, I feel that my political education has progressed instead of [regressed] over the summer months.”  

Matthew Liston '13Last summer, Matthew Liston ’13 had the opportunity to serve as the Education and Community Development Intern at the Mountain School, a rural school in Guatemala. “Throughout the course of my internship my organization and language skills were put to the test as I was required to coordinate and facilitate community meetings, information sessions, and educational activities for community members of all ages.  As a result of the experience I am now much more fluent and confident as a Spanish speaker, and I would feel comfortable using Spanish in a variety of professional settings in the United States. More than just improving my Spanish skills, my time in Guatemala heightened my self-awareness and my awareness of the world in which we live.”

Allison Weibel '14Allison Weibel '14 worked as a summer intern with Outdoor Outreach, an organization located in San Diego, CA that is dedicated to using outdoor recreation and education to reward students for positive behavior. "I found the job very rewarding in multiple professional directions. First, it was rewarding to be learning about outdoor recreation on a professional level. Secondly, I have always been interested in the nonprofit sector- particularly community outreach. This internship allowed me to learn a significant amount about both of these sectors as career options and opened my eyes up to a field that involves these two interests of mine."

Anna Kay '15

 This past summer, Anna Kay '15 had the opportunity to work as a Planned Parenthood Public Affairs Organizer Intern. "My third month with Planned Parenthood was marked with independence. By myself, I got to build, recruit for, and conduct my very own canvass in Saint Cloud, Minnesota… Having something as concrete as a successful canvass to show my hard summers work was exactly what I needed. I learned that I really do thrive in more creative, independent work environments. Having my own specific task and responsibility is something I want for my future career, whatever that may be."

Nicole Gillett ’13 & Rebecca Lavietes ’15 at the annual Clyde Martz Summer Conference on water law issues

The Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment at CU Boulder took on five CC interns this summer. Each student participated in varied projects from state regulations for hydraulic fracturing to building a Governors’ Climate and Forests Taskforce network map. 

Nicole Gillett ’13 focused her time on tribal water rights. “I developed my Wordpress and website design skills. [It was] both educational and rewarding to produce a resource for the public, the Center, and all of the tribes in the Colorado River Basin.”

Rebecca Lavietes ’15 says “This internship…made me recognize the practicality of compromise in energy policy by forcing me to analyze energy policy through [many] lenses. I realized that the only way to foster any tangible change is through incremental deviations from the current system.” 

Getches-Wilkinson Center interns Talia Steiger ’13, Nicole Gillett ’13, Derek Ward ’14, & Kate Dunn ’14Talia Steiger ’13 takes away a better understanding of what she needs in her future work environments. “I need to work in a dynamic environment … where I can get out of the office, into the field, and do hands-on work.” 

Derek Ward ’14 expresses developing skills both personally and professionally. “I found that the environmental field is where I would like to continue and I have connected with professionals and gained experience that will help me [in the future].”

Kate Dunn ’14 worked closely with all aspects of the annual Clyde Martz Summer Conference on water law issues. “So much work went into the conference and at times it was extremely stressful, but I appreciated that I had actual responsibility...I learned so much on the fly.”  

From left to right- Anna McCreedy ‘13, Nathan Brickell, Lilian Shan, Keith Drury ‘13, Kelly Varian ‘13

Keith Drury '13, Anna McCreedy '13, and Kelly Varian '13 (pictured with CC alumni) participated in the Colorado China Council Placement and Training Program last summer in preparation to become professors at chinese universities this year.

Keith Drury ‘13 shares “This summer I gained invaluable experience as a teacher, two different teaching certifications, and a well-paid, full-time job at the Anhui University of Technology.  This professional growth will continue to be beneficial after my year in China as I continue to pursue a career in education.” Keith Drury '13 and Kelly Varian '13

Kelly Varian ‘13 feels that “Because I was able to participate in the Colorado China Council placement and training program, I can proudly say I am currently employed in a meaningful work environment. The invaluable training I have received this summer has solidified my belief that teaching will prove a personally rewarding and intellectually stimulating post-graduate career path.”Anna McCeedy '13

Anna McCreedy ‘13 says “During my stay at the Summer Institute, I was able to craft the tools I will need to be a college professor at a Chinese university, teaching English to freshmen and sophomores. Over the weeks, I learned a massive amount in a short period of time, and the practice time of teaching before a mock class was invaluable.”

  Daniel Wright '13Daniel Wright ’13 spent last summer in L.A. interning at Robert Kenner Films, a small documentary film production company.  “My summer in L.A. was like an extended course on the block plan where I was completely immersed in the film industry and I loved it.  Although I was sad for my internship at Kenner Films to come to an end, I am excited to take what I learned this summer to a new capacity.  During my three months in L.A. I met some amazing people and made valuable connections that will certainly come in handy down the road.  Most importantly I learned a lot about myself and how I might fit into the crazy and ever-changing film industry."

Ben Lawrence '13

As an intern with the Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA) this summer, Ben Lawrence ’13 helped develop marketing strategies for downtown businesses. “The DIA internship allowed me to engage directly with local business owners in a small city setting.  I acquired real-world skills and contributed to a cause I care deeply about. I was able to frequently interact with small business owners, learn the necessary information required to put on a large-scale event, develop preliminary design standards for the City of Ithaca, and study marketing strategies to be used for downtown businesses. As a result of my internship success, DIA hired me as a part-time Project Associate.” 

Patrick Hardy '13

 Last summer, Patrick Hardy worked as an intern with the Colorado Mountain School in Estes Park.

“The Colorado Mountain School opened its doors to me and I now feel well acquainted with the guiding life. The highlight of this education was taking the Single Pitch Instructor course, and subsequently passing the assessment. I believe that the combination of this certification and my experience with the guides makes me an attractive candidate for guiding work in seasons to come. I now have a solid understanding of what this work entails, what challenges and opportunities it presents and what hurdles must be crossed to make it a reality.” 



Alexis Hernandez '14Alexis spent six weeks in Kenya working with the Western Organization of People Living with HIV/AIDS.

"Working with WOPLAH this summer has provided me with a unique opportunity to study the treatment and management of HIV both in Kenya, and now in my own backyard. One of my biggest goals this year is for GlobeMed at CC to become active within the HIV positive community of Colorado Springs. After six weeks, I feel confident in pointing to distinct cultural elements that make the fight against HIV/AIDS in Mumias so influential for me. The one that stands out the most is the amazing sense of community. This internship with WOPLAH served as a powerful lesson about the types of social movements that occur when a population bands together for the shared purpose of achieving health. Throughout support groups we heard again and again about the importance of shedding self-stigma and the empowering effects of education.”


Jake Stein '15

Jake Stein ’15 volunteered with Global Vision international (GVI) this summer doing marine research in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. “My experiences provided me with invaluable insight into specific methodologies along with a valuable life experience. It gave me a greater appreciation for the things behind the scenes. I was able to experience life as a marine researcher on a remote island, which has given me [confidence] to apply for a position in an internship or job that requires [this] practical knowledge.”


Eli Michaels '14 & David Becker '15 at What the FestivalEli Michaels ‘13 and David Becker ’14 interned with What the Festival near Portland, OR this summer. (Eli an David are pictured in the middle row on the lower right. David on the end and Eli to the left of him.) 

Eli shares “[This] was a unique and valuable experience. I was able to learn more about event production, which has always been a passion of mine. I networked with some of the most prominent figures in the festival industry, as well as with dozens of talented artists from around the country. This was one of the most difficult, but also most rewarding experiences of my life. “ 

David says, “Although [event production] is not exactly what I am studying in my major, it has proven to me that if you work hard at something, you can absolutely do whatever drives you. After working for the festival, it has given almost 100% positivity that this is the field I would like to pursue after I graduate.” 

Emily Biben '16

Emily Biben ’16 spent the summer as a research intern at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden located in Claremont, CA. Emily was able to rotate through different departments and gain a variety of exposure from cleaning, dissecting, and processing seeds to working with a botanist to extract DNA from a federally endangered plant. Emily says, “I learned that being a professional in a lab doesn’t always mean being able to perform every task without error. It has more to do with embracing the mistakes to continue improving on the experiment.”

Kathleen Carroll '13 with colleagues including co-founder David Cohn '02 (far right)Kathleen Carroll ’13 participated in an internship with Regroup Therapy in Chicago this summer. “I wore so many hats, that it was hard to pin down my specific roles: marketing, social media expert, client outreach, recruiting, website maintenance, etc. I feel that after this internship, I can comfortably sell my skills in nearly any profession.” Kathleen was offered a full-time role before the conclusion of her internship and will be continuing her work with Regroup Therapy. 

Maggie Deadrick '14 at New England Cable NewsThis summer Maggie Deadrick, ’14 was a morning newsroom intern at New England Cable News. “I was able to participate in everyday newsroom activity and learn the skills by doing them hands on. I was able to develop relationships with the people I admire in the station and ask their advice on all aspects of the job. I’m feeling more confident than ever that I’m heading my ‘career’ in the right direction.” 

Robby Dohrn '15 at the South African Shark Conservancy

 “My time at the South African Shark Conservancy has been both rewarding and enlightening and has made the career of science much more of a tangible reality. The opportunity for independent design and research was one of the most valuable things I took from the internship. I was confronted with many setbacks…and it was often inglorious work on a tight budget, the main driver being the individual passion and motivation of the leaders.” Robby Dohrn ‘15


Daniel Herz '14 with the Rocky Mountain Cup
Daniel Herz ’14 participated in an internship with the Colorado Rapids Soccer Club this summer. He shows off the Rocky Mountain Cup claimed by Colorado for the first time since 2006 following success in their rivalry with Real Salt Lake. 

Elliot Mamet '15 with other ACLU interns"My favorite part of being an ACLU National Prison Project intern was the pride I felt walking in each morning knowing my work would support an organization I find crucial to my conception of human dignity, committed to giving a voice to the downtrodden, and fighting for those with no other advocate.” Elliot Mamet ‘15 

Shaye Smith '13“I grew tremendously both personally and professionally, as well as gained confidence in my passion for museum work while under the supervision of a CC alumna connection at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Before the completion of my internship, I was offered a permanent role as a Programs Assistant, and I am certain that I will only continue to learn and develop through this opportunity.” Shaye Smith ‘13