Academic Opportunities Grant

The Academic Opportunities Grant, funded Office of the Dean of the College, will support CC students enrolled in faculty-supervised thesis, capstone, and independent study. These independent academic opportunities often come with additional costs that could not be fully covered by a department/program's budget. Students may apply for funds to cover research and scholarship expenses of up to $500. Proposals submitted for the Academic Opportunities Grant are not eligible for additional funding from the Office of the Dean of the College, Office of Student Life, or the Office of the President.

These are examples of eligible uses for the grant:

  • lab and field-related consumables and disposables in an independent study course
  • modest payment to human subjects in research
  • expenses for remote access archival research (e.g., access and copies)
  • attendance at academic workshops and events central to a student's research project
  • temporary access/license cost of software and databases
  • studio/art supplies not readily available in the department or at the college
  • first passport fee for CC or CC-approved international programs if the student also received need-based financial aid for the course/semester

Here are some examples of ineligible uses:

  • textbooks for a class
  • tuition/fees for classes, labs, or field trips
  • salaries/stipends
  • living expenses and personal items
  • research expenses normally covered by department and college budgets, or external grants held by the faculty

Priority will be given to students who have not previously received an Academic Opportunities Grant.

Students should plan to apply for the grant at least two blocks before they need to use the funds from the Academic Opportunities Grant. If your proposal involves research with human subjects or live vertebrates, your IRB and/or IACUC applications must also be submitted to the IRB/IACUC by 5pm on the first Wednesday.

Funds for successful grant proposals will be available on the first Friday in the block that follows the complete submission of the grant proposal.

Read more about the information needed to complete the grant application on the Academic Opportunities Grant Application Instructions page.


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