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General Studies 199: Internship Adjunct

If your internship requires you to receive credit, you need to fulfill that last ¼ unit, or you just want your internship to be identified on your transcript, the GS199: Internship Adjunct might be just for you.

The GS199 provides students with a significant learning experience outside the classroom setting, usually in a company, non-profit or community-based organization. The internship represents an educational strategy that links classroom learning with the application of knowledge in an applied work setting.

Students must participate in an internship for at least four weeks and no less than 40 hours of supervised work. GS199 is taken under the pass/fail grading option. Only two GS199 internships may be counted toward your degree and GS199 credit does not meet divisional distribution requirements.

To enroll in the GS199: Internship Adjunct:

  1. Submit a proposal to the Career Center Internship Coordinator, Andrea Culp. The proposal will be reviewed and approved. A risk and release form must also be received prior to beginning your internship.

    By completing these initial documents, you signify that you are prepared to complete all necessary requirements and understand that, once the GS199 has been officially established, failure to complete the requirements will result in a zero grade and no credit for the course will be given.

 During the internship:

  1. The student must complete:
    1. The learning objectives form provided by the Career Center must be completed with the supervisor specifying objectives and clarifying expectations for the internship.
    2. an administrative log and journal recording the hours worked as well as the projects involved, the contributions made to the workplace, and reflections on what you are experiencing. The journal should go beyond a list of tasks and focus on what you are learning. The journal proves the hours you have worked. Email if you would like to see examples. 

 Upon Completion of the internship:

  1. an evaluation and reflection form provided by the Career Center should be completed about the internship experience and how it relates to your academic plan.
  2. The supervisor must provide an evaluation form provided by the Career Center regarding your performance throughout the internship. 

We encourage you to review both evaluations as part of the exit interview for the internship.

All of the above materials must be submitted to the Career Center at the end of the experience in order to complete the course requirements. After review, the materials will be forwarded to the Registrar for credit approval. The student must complete all requirements of the internship and fully satisfy the agreed upon term of the internship in order to receive credit.

If you have any questions throughout the internship, please contact Andrea Culp.

All necessary documents: