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Keeping Your Student on Track

First year students are focused on choosing classes, finding their way around campus making new friends, and experiencing new freedoms. However, exploration is an important part of the first-year experience. The Career Center can help with exploring options and searching for summer opportunities as well as the necessary application materials.

By the end of the sophomore year, students should be prepared to declare a major. The Career Center offers resources to help sophomores find direction and be prepared to make a wise choice.

Sophomores are encouraged to meet with a staff member to discuss internship possibilities related to their interests. We also can help students learn more about themselves in relation to making career and graduate school choices. 

For juniors, gaining an internship or other practical experience related to possible career interests is essential. Students should be doing research, collecting information, and preparing to submit applications for post-graduate fellowships and graduate school if hoping to attend immediately after CC. They should always have an updated resume. The Career Center can also help with preparation for interviews.

Juniors should participate in internship & job fairs where they can learn about opportunities and practice their networking skills. Our staff will assist students throughout the internship search and application process as well as continue to encourage students to begin to focus on specific career options. 

Seniors need to focus on targeting their resume, obtaining recommendation letters, searching for jobs and/or finalizing graduate school applications. Students should apply for positions through the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium (SLAC) off-campus recruiting days very early in the fall semester, and participate in on-campus recruiting events throughout the year. Student's initiative and motivation are directly related to achieving desired post-graduate opportunities.

For a complete To Do List for students, check out the Four Year Action Plan (pdf)

We look forward to working with your student!