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    Job Search

    How do I look for a job?

    A successful job search involves setting realistic goals and being persistent and dedicated. Making a plan will keep you organized and motivated throughout your search. Before you begin a search, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and check out your other online profiles to make sure you're presenting the image of yourself that you want.

    Interested in a job on-campus? View them on Handshake.
    Interested in a job off-campus? 
    The links below provide a good starting point. Visit our online resources page, too.



    Selective Liberal Arts Consortium

    Public Interest Fellowship Program



    What else should I know?


    When to apply will depend on what kinds of industries you're interested in. Learn more about industry timelines. Even if companies you're looking at aren't hiring yet, it's never too early to start preparing your materials.

    Job Inquiry Letter

    You might need to reach out to an employer directly during a job search. This is a good strategy if there are no open positions listed on the organization's website, or if you can’t find the organization's employment page. In this letter, you politely “inquire about employment opportunities” and explain why you’re interested in working for that company or in that industry. A job inquiry letter is not a cover letter, but should still highlight relevant experiences.

    Other Kinds of Opportunities

    Below are resources to connect you with jobs as well as other kinds of professional opportunities.

    Research with Faculty On Campus

    If you want to stay on campus and work with a faculty member in your area of interest, check out the Faculty Scholarship at Colorado College guide to learn more about what kind of research faculty are conducting. You can also search by keyword, department, or last name with CC's faculty scholarship search tool.


    There are many opportunities to volunteer around campus and in Colorado Springs. Check out the CC Collaborative for Community Engagement's service and volunteer opportunities board.

    On Campus Events

    The Career Center sponsors recruiting events throughout the year. Keep an eye on Career Center events. You can also apply for convenient video interviews and off-campus interviewing days with top employers through the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium.

    Additional Resources

    Your search could include online job posting databases, LinkedIn, the local chamber of commerce, professional associations, classified ads, and most of all, your network. Also, take a look at other online resources and your department's resources.