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Internship Funding FAQ

2017 Internship Funding
Frequently Asked Questions

While this might not cover all of your questions, these are typical questions that might be helpful in assessing your situation. Please don't hesitate to contact the Career Center should you have additional concerns or questions: or 719.389.6893.

Am I eligible to apply?

All currently enrolled Colorado College students who will return to campus for a minimum of one semester after the summer of their internship are eligible to apply. Students are eligible to receive summer internship funding one time during their CC undergraduate career. If you have previously received internship funding, you are no longer eligible. Back to Top >>

What information do I need to apply?

  • Basic personal and academic information
  • Information about your internship: organization, industry, internship title, location, supervisor contact information, organization description, responsibilities you will have in the position, and goals for professional growth and skills during the experience
  • If your internship is outside of the U.S., you will need very specific information regarding dates in country, who will travel with you, day-to-day itinerary, where you will stay, language ability, whether a visa is required, your in country emergency contact, relevant State Department travel alert information and security concerns, travel warning waiver, CDC shot requirements and related health concerns, and driving and car insurance information
  • Budget and financial information: projected expenses in detail, other funding sources, how will you cover any shortfalls
  • Resume
  • Letter of confirmation from employer: this is not required at the time of application but will be necessary before your award is official
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What types of opportunities are funded?

As long as the opportunity meets the requirements, there are few opportunities internship funding doesn't support. We consider all industries and positions which provide a substantial learning experience. Eligible internships must be a minimum of 6 weeks AND 240 hours. This opportunity should be a learning experience; it should put you in a position where you can try out a work environment, or work on tasks you have not encountered before. It might help you explore potential career options or help you gain skills for what you hope to do post-graduation. Your experience doesn't have to be called an "internship" to be eligible. It is much more important what you will be doing and how you will be spending your time with the organization. Program fees and courses (whether at Colorado College or another institution) are NOT ELIGIBLE for funding. Back to Top >>

Can I apply for funding for international internships?

Yes, students can apply for funding for skill-enhancing opportunities that are abroad. These funds CANNOT reimburse program fees, even if your internship is part of a program that requires a fee. Any location out of the U.S. must be approved before any funding will be granted. Back to Top >>

How much funding can I request?

All granted awards will be $2,500. Your budget details and information will help us assess how this award will support your efforts, and how you are planning to cover any shortfalls. We are not paying students for doing an unpaid internship; we are helping students subsidize living expenses so they can have a career-building experience that is unpaid. Back to Top >>

How do I apply?

We will begin accepting applications on February 1, 2017. You must submit a complete application through Summit (not SUCCESS) to be considered. Internship placement does not have to be confirmed prior to applying; however, if granted funds, your confirmation letter of support from the organization is due no later than April 19, 2017. We would ask that you keep us updated even well before this date so we fully understand your situation. Back to Top >>

When is the deadline to apply?

Funding is limited. Apply early to make sure your application can be considered. Ensure your application is complete and compelling. The application process will remain open until funds are exhausted. Back to Top >>

If I have an internship in the fall or spring semester, can I apply for funding?

We currently only have funding to support internships taking place during the summer months. Back to Top >>

When can I expect to receive my money?

If all requirements are complete, your full award will be processed in mid-May. We cannot guarantee a specific day when the money will appear in your account. Back to Top >>

Can I receive a funding award without enrolling in direct deposit?

Yes. We encourage you to enroll in direct deposit because you can say where exactly you want your money deposited. If you choose not to complete direct deposit paperwork or do not complete it on time, a check will be processed and sent to your current address on file with the college. This may take longer than direct deposit. Make sure that this address is where you want the check sent to avoid having your money sit in your Worner Box all summer long! Back to Top >>

I am currently off campus. Can I still apply?

Yes. The entire application is accessible online through Summit. There is no need to be physically on campus during this process. Back to Top >>

How in-depth does my budget need to be?

The more information you can provide to the selection committee, the better. We want to see that you have really thought about the financial implications of taking on this experience. We also know that a $2,500 award will likely not cover all expenses, and we want to know how you realistically intend to cover the remainder of your costs. Back to Top >>

I am still applying for multiple options and am not sure which internship I will get. How should I complete the application?

Students only need to complete one internship to be considered. In the past, it has made for a more compelling application if you just focus on your preferred internship. This way all details can be clear as they relate to this particular experience. If you are awarded funding based on this experience, you will then be required to submit a confirmation letter prior to formally being awarded funding. If you don't end up getting this internship, or simply choose another, it is your responsibility to keep us informed as your options change. Be prepared to provide new, and updated, information for the final internship you select. Your application will then be reconsidered with this experience in mind. There is no guarantee that funding with still be awarded based on this new experience. Back to Top >>

If I have received an internship funding award before, am I eligible for funding again this year?

No. All students are eligible to receive one award during their four years at Colorado College. If you have received an internship funding award before, you are no longer eligible. Back to Top >>

I will be abroad or away from campus for the summer. How do I complete all of the requirements I have agreed to?

You will be enrolled in a Canvas course after your award is formally accepted. All requirements can be completed through the course accept for in-person expectations, and we will have alternatives for anyone who cannot be on campus for those situations. If you have additional concerns or special circumstances, please reach out to Andrea Culp. Back to Top >>

What does a strong application look like?

Your application should be complete and compelling - the more detail, the better. You should show what you will learn through this experience and how you will learn it, as well as how the organization and your supervisor will support this learning opportunity. Even when you are not sure which of your options you will decide on, it typically is better to focus your application on one opportunity. Too much information within an application can get confusing and diminish the details provided. Once things are finalized, we can always come back for revisions or updates on the offer you accept. We may come back to you for additional explanation if we feel the application isn't complete enough to make a decision. This could stall your application review and hinder our ability to award you funds. Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can consider your situation fully. Back to Top >>

Who makes the decision to award funding, and how do they decide?

The Career Center staff review all applications and make sure every application is reviewed by a minimum of two individuals. We are looking for evidence of a quality learning experience and that you have considered how this opportunity will further advance your skills, knowledge, and qualifications, or allow you to test out an area of interest. We are also looking to see that you have fully considered how this minimal financial support will play into your overall expenses incurred. Back to Top >>

How complicated does my budget have to be?

Your financial information doesn't need to be exhaustive, but it should be thorough. Consider what costs you feel you will incur throughout your experience. How will you get there? What will you need while there (daily, weekly, monthly—traveling to work, food, lodging, etc.)? How will you get back home? Think about how you planned for your expenses this month, and translate that to what you think will be the case for one month this summer during your summer experience. Do your research on your specific location to get appropriate rates and cost of living. Back to Top >>

Do I have to wait for the deadline to receive my money?

All funds will be processed in mid-May after all paperwork and initial requirements have been completed. Should you have an extenuating circumstance, please come talk to someone in the Career Center. If we feel your situation warrants receiving your award earlier, you will still be required to have all necessary requirements completed before receiving your funds. Back to Top >>

I was accepted for an internship and I must make a deposit to hold my spot, but I need funding in order to make the deposit.

The internship requiring a deposit sounds a lot like they will also be asking for a program fee. Internship Funding Awards are not eligible for program fees; therefore, this would not be an appropriate use of these funds. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances for other funding needs prior to the timeline for receiving your money, please contact the Career Center to discuss your situation. Back to Top >>

Do these awards affect financial aid? Tax implications?

You will be expected to report all earnings on your taxes as usual. It will depend on your financial aid situation, but this award could impact your aid eligibility. Contact the Financial Aid Office for any specific concerns. Back to Top >>

Is funding available to graduating seniors?

Eligible students must be returning to campus for a minimum of one semester in Fall 2017. If you are a senior graduating no earlier than December 2017, you could be eligible if you meet all other eligibility criteria. Back to Top >>

I am applying for more than one internship, and they could occur simultaneously. Can I apply for funding for both?

You cannot apply for funding for each internship, but you can apply for a summer experience which includes two simultaneous internships. Each internship should meet the minimum of weeks and 240 hours because it will be difficult to have a quality learning experience in less than this amount of time. You must complete an application which includes all details for each internship, and all relevant requirements would need to be done for each internship. We will require confirmation from both internships if awarded funds. Only one award would be granted even though you are doing two internships. Back to Top >>

My offer is contingent on a background check, so I cannot get my confirmation letter until everything is finalized. This may not happen before the April 19 deadline. Am I still eligible?

Yes. There are many quality internships which have a timeline that doesn't perfectly match our timeline. If awarded funds, we would ask that you stay in close communication with us. Let the Career Center know your situation and any information you receive throughout the coming weeks. The more we know the better. If we are aware of what is happening, we will most likely hold your award until everything is finalized and you have been able to fulfill all expectations. This may not happen by the mid-May award processing date. We are happy to process the payment at whatever point necessary. You should plan to proceed with expectations and requirements on campus even if we do not have a final confirmation letter in hand by that date. If you do not stay in close contact with us or do not keep us informed, we will assume you no longer need the award. Back to Top >>

More Questions?

Contact the Career Center at or 719.389.6893. Back to Top >>