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Summer Internship Funding Awards

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The Summer Internship Funding Awards Program is designed with the intention to increase the ability of all Colorado College students to participate in internship opportunities many of which remain unpaid or underpaid. 

All currently enrolled Colorado College students who will return to campus for a minimum of one semester in the fall of 2019 are welcome to apply. Colorado College students are eligible to receive one award during their four undergraduate years. 

Eligible internships must be a minimum of 6 weeks and 240 hours. If the internship is outside of the U.S., your location and travel plans must be approved. Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to be eligible. The internship must be away from the CC campus, and third-party programs are not eligible. While the internship does not need to be confirmed or accepted at the time of application, verification of the confirmed internship will be required before the award is officially secured.

Summer 2019 Internship Awards

The 2019 Internship Funding Application will open February 18, 2019. All applications must be submitted through Summit (Academic Dean's Office). The application will remain open until all funds are allocated. Your internship does not have to be accepted or confirmed prior to applying for Summer Internship Funding.

To prepare for your application, please begin to consider these necessary components:

  • Basic organization and internship details (i.e. organization name, location, internship title, dates, and supervisor contact information)
  • Organization description (250 word limit)
  • Internship responsibilities (400 word limit)
  • Goals for professional growth (400 word limit)
  • Budget of projected expenses and additional funding sources you will be seeking
  • If your internship is outside of the US, travel authorization will require very specific details and information about your travel plans
  • Resume
  • Acceptance of an internship is not required in order to apply, however, an official offer letter (letter of confirmation) will be required to receive your award. This letter should be addressed to the student intern and include: supervisor name and title, description of responsibilities, confirmation of start/end dates and hours per week expected, and an explanation of support by the supervisor including compensation and any benefits

Prior to receiving funding, all recipients must complete an agreement to fulfill the following expectations:

  • Prior to receiving funding:
    1. Participate in a minimum of two professional development workshops. A variety will be offered by the Career Center throughout the spring semester including alternatives for students unable to participate in on-campus workshops. Watch for more details to come.
  • During the internship:
    1. Letter-to-self establishing goals and expectations for your experience.
    2. Keep the Career Center informed regarding any changes to your internship.
    3. Provide a photo and basic details of your internship for the Career Center website and Summer Research and Internship Symposium program.
  • Upon completion of the internship:
    1. Complete the Summer Experience Survey in early Fall 2018.
    2. Review your updated resume (including your summer experience) with a Career Center staff member.
    3. Be available to participate in panels, programs and interviews throughout the year with advance notice including the Summer Research and Internship Symposium.

Once applications are submitted we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. As funds become depleted, the process may take a bit longer. If you have specific questions about your eligibility, or the process in general, check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered, please contact Andrea Culp, in the Career Center.