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    Edge Internship Program

    Employers: Partner With Us

    Gain Your Professional Edge

    The Edge Internship Program helps rising juniors and rising seniors at Colorado College apply their liberal arts education and skills in the corporate sector through paid summer internships which provide enriching projects and assignments with the responsibility to produce tangible outcomes.

    Colorado College’s unique academic model, the Block Plan, equips our highly inquisitive and motivated students to learn quickly, manage complex projects, deliver high-quality work, and provide new perspectives to organizations.

    The program is enhanced by a competitive application and screening process on campus, pre-internship training sessions to strengthen professional development and workplace readiness, support from alumni mentors, reflection assignments to deepen students’ learning and self-discovery, and faculty mentoring to facilitate integrative learning and classroom connections.

    What differentiates the Edge Internship Program?
    • Edge internships take place at companies with a CC connection (CC alumni, families and friends).
    • Edge interns participate in a professional development boot camp to clarify personal and professional goals and gain workplace training that will help you make a positive impact starting your first day on the job.
    • On-site mentors/supervisors will help you learn about a profession, company and industry and work closely with you and provide performance feedback.
    • Edge interns have weekly reflections and correspondence with CC faculty/staff mentors, and support from the program director throughout the summer.
    • Edge internships are paid positions (rates vary by position and company).
    • Edge internships provide enriching job assignments that involve creative problem solving and the responsibility to produce tangible outcomes that are valuable to the organization.

    Meet the 2019 Edge Interns

    Jio Chang '20, Blue Shield of California

    Brianna Fuentes ‘21, Cisco Systems

    Pietro Giacomin ‘20, Terma Software

    Maggie Horowitz ‘20, Cisco Systems

    Sam Mayer ‘20, Cisco Systems

    Cameron Mongoven ‘21, Blue Shield of California

    Madison Prince-Judd ’20

    Matt White ‘21, GPI Companies


    Interested in an Edge Internship? Let us know! Contact:

    Brett Woodard, Director
    Colorado College Edge Internship Program