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Internship Funding Awards

The Summer Internship Funding Awards Program is designed with the intention to increase the ability of all Colorado College students to participate in internship opportunities many of which remain unpaid or underpaid. 

Summer 2015 Internship Awards

It is with great excitement that the Career Center announces that Colorado College will once again be offering summer internship funding awards.  All currently enrolled Colorado College students who will return to campus for a minimum of one semester in the fall of 2015 are eligible to apply. Students who received an internship funding award in previous years are welcome to apply again. Your previous awards and internship experiences will be considered as part of your application.

Summer 2015 Application

There will be two application cycles for Summer 2015 funding.

First Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 (end of block 5)
Completed applications received will be considered, and you should receive a decision by Friday, February 20th.

Second Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 (end of block 6)
Please remember funding is limited. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. 
Completed applications received will be considered and you should receive a decision by Friday, March 20th.

Internship placement does not have to be confirmed prior to applying; however, if granted funds, your confirmation letter of support from the organization is due within 3 weeks following notification in order to formally secure your funding. If you are unable to provide a confirmation letter during this time, you must communicate with us if you would like to reactivate your application for reconsideration in the upcoming cycle.

All applications must be received through the Career Center’s SUCCESS database. If your application is not uploaded and “submitted,” it will not actually be received by the committee. Watch for the red “You have successfully submitted your resume” message to ensure you have actually completed submission in SUCCESS. You can also check with the Career Center to be sure we received your complete application.

Funding is limited. Please apply early, and ensure your application is complete and compelling.

Application Requirements:

  1. Application (Example 1, Example 2)
  2. Itemized Budget (Example budget 1, Example budget 2) - Important Note: Program fees and courses (whether at Colorado College or another institution) are NOT ELIGIBLE for funding.  
  3. Resume (Example resume 1Example resume 2) – You are highly encouraged to review your resume with a Career Center staff member prior to submission. If the Career Center staff feels there are improvements that can be made, you will be contacted with suggestions after the application process is completed. This will not reflect on your application; however we do want your resume to be the best representation of you for future applications.
  4. Confirmation Letter of Support from Internship Site
    • If you haven’t accepted your internship yet, submit all other application materials by the deadline and note on your application when you anticipate hearing from the site.
    • Letter should be addressed to the student intern and must include the site supervisor’s name and title, a description of the internship role/responsibilities, confirmation of time commitment including start and end dates, and type of support offered by the site supervisor/employer (e.g. work space, performance feedback, pay, mentoring, professional development, etc.)
    • Letter must appear on employer’s letterhead or may be sent directly from the site supervisor’s work email address to the student intern, who will include the letter of support with the rest of the application materials. If your letter is received after submitting your application, email it to the Career Center with "Internship Funding Award: Confirmation Letter for YOUR NAME" in the Subject line. 

5. Upload all documents in SUCCESS.
6. Apply to JOB ID: 11518 “Summer 2015 Internship Funding Awards” (employer: Colorado College Career Center) in SUCCESS. Be sure to SUBMIT complete application. Uploading your documents does not submit your application. Please see the SUCCESS instructions for more details.

Summer 2015 Funding Process

If awarded funds, you will be required to complete an agreement acknowledging the requirements associated with the acceptance of funding. Upon acceptance of your award, you will be enrolled in the Internship Experience Class through Canvas. Detailed descriptions of requirements as well as ongoing communication will be provided through this course. Below is a brief summary of the requirements and expectations.

Prior to your internship:

  1. Complete an Internship Orientation, and pass a quiz with a sufficient score.
  2. All international internship sites must be registered (a link will be provided)and approved through the Office of International Programs before funding will be administered.
  3. International students:  if you are pursuing an internship within the United States, you will need to receive verification from the Office of International Programs regarding your eligibility for work authorization.
  4. Establish direct deposit with the college.

During your internship:

  1. Active participation in the Internship Experience Class through Canvas which may include: responding to reflection questions, corresponding virtually with classmates, completing a mid-point check-in or other minor expectations throughout your internship.
  2. Stay in close communication with the Career Center regarding any changes, challenges, or concerns regarding your internship site
  3. Take and submit a minimum of 5 photos which capture your internship experience.
  4. Schedule a formal performance discussion with your supervisor near the conclusion of your internship.

After your internship:

  1. Submit a 2-page (minimum) reflection on your experience.
  2. Participate in the Internship Experience Forum to be held over Family Weekend, September 25-27, 2015. Specific date and time TBD.
  3. Be available to participate in panels, programs and interviews with advance notice.

Summer 2015 Funding Payment Plan

If a confirmation letter has been received, you have a satisfactory completion of the quiz, and we have recieved approval of your international location (if applicable), your payment will be processed by May 15, 2015. All requirements must be completed, or other arrangements made, by October 5, 2015, in order to have fulfilled the expectations of having received the internship funding award.