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Graduate School

Before investing time, energy and money in graduate school, you should have a clear idea about how graduate school will help you meet your career goals.

Should you attend graduate school or not?

The answers vary, depending on each person's particular goals. If you aren't clear about your goals, or how graduate school will fit into your plans, you should delay applying for a while. After graduating from CC, your experiences in the world may lead you on a different path than you anticipate as well as provide some financial resources to ease the expense of graduate school. Some professions and graduate schools actually prefer, or even require, you to have some experience between your undergraduate and graduate degrees.  However, some great reasons to attend include preparing for a profession, getting a job, earning more, or personal achievement.

Decided to go to graduate school? Now what?

You need to research programs to determine which are best suited to meet your needs: quality of the program, reputation of the school and program, program accreditation, or specific program aspects (e.g. program requirements, time to complete the program, graduation rate). Each program may be different, however, in general you will need to: (a) take the appropriate standardized tests, (b) visit faculty to request letters of recommendation, (c) request your transcripts from the Registrar’s Office, and (d) complete application materials and personal statements. Get your materials in early and follow-up with the graduate school to make sure your materials have been received.

For more information, check out our Graduate School Application "How To" Guide.

Additional helpful information:

If you need more…

The Career Center also offers individual appointments if you need additional support throughout your career decision-making process.  Call to schedule an appointment.