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The Career Center encourages self-assessment and reflection throughout your college career (and beyond) in order to narrow down the options that truly interest you. By focusing on your skills, interests and strengths, the process can be exciting rather than stressful.

Deciding on your major can be a challenge.
The good news for first year students at CC is that you have plenty of time to explore by trying out different classes, activities and internships to help you learn more about your strengths, interests, and values. Sophomores will need to decide on a major by the end of the year. You can then target potential careers through internships. 

Remember your major is only one piece of the puzzle and often does not correlate to a particular career. A comparative literature major could go into business, and a music major could go work for a nonprofit. As a liberal arts student, you gain many skills that translate into a variety of career fields and will make you marketable for future job opportunities, regardless of your academic major.

If you need advice about what courses to take or the requirements for your major or minor, contact your faculty advisor. If you are interested in health professionsengineeringbusiness or law, contact the appropriate advisor for in-depth information in that particular field.

A variety of on-line tools can also help you learn more about yourself and what might be a good fit for you:


CareerBeam offers insight into your personality, interests, and work values, as well as preparation and links to many research sources. Use your CC email to log in. Call the Career Center if you have questions or would like to talk with someone further about what you learn.

Major Considerations:  Choosing a Colorado College major takes careful thought, research and planning. There are many things to consider throughout this process. This is a great place to begin.

MyPlan.comWhat Can I Do With A Major In…?:  It may be helpful to see what others have done with their particular majors.


Choosing a career direction can be just as challenging.
Self-assessment and reflection remain key to this process. By learning more about your skills, interests and strengths, you will begin to understand what roles you will perform well and the industries in which you will be most content.

Regardless of your major, the skills you gain at Colorado College allow you to pursue a wide range of career opportunities. The first step in thinking about your future career options is to learn more about the career fields that interest you. Learning and researching your career options is crucial as you decide on your future plans.

Start with a variety of resources to learn more about the industries and jobs you are considering:

Spotlight on Careers

Explore a range of careers including trends, advice from alumni and specific industry resources. Contact the Career Center for necessary password. 

CareerBeamCareerBeam offers insight into your personality, interests, and work values, as well as preparation and links to many research sources. Use your CC email to log in. Call the Career Center if you have questions or would like to talk with someone further about what you learn.

Vault Career Insider site linkGet the inside scoop on industries, careers, and professions on over 400 career fields. See how Vault ranks companies in your favorite industries and download helpful career guides to learn more about careers that interest you!

””Glassdoor provides an inside look at jobs and companies. Search millions of job listings and see company salaries, reviews, and inside connections for any company… logoInternship Predictor is a quick and easy assessment tool, you can evaluate your personal preferences and learn more about how to pursue and secure the right internship for your interests.

Learn How to Become logo

While many people use the words “job” and “career” interchangeably, the two have very different meanings. A career is a journey, and something you will be committed to long term. It consists of different steps and, ideally, it is something that you feel is your calling. Learn How to Become resources will help you search career paths; research education options, job details & salaries; and take the first step on your new journey.

Check out College in Colorado: Under the Career Planning tab, you will find short surveys to assess your interests and skills in a variety of areas as well as information to learn about what careers really look like.

The Career Project: Research thousands of real careers through the eyes of the people who work them.

The Sloan Career: Cornerstone Center Resource for anyone interested in exploring career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare. Browse interviews with hundreds of professionals who offer candid insight into their own diverse careers.

Water Online: Industry specific career channels with a wealth of information tailored to your career goals. Select a career channel to research industry information, search jobs and build your portfolio.

Want more?

If you need more…

The Career Center also offers individual appointments if you need additional support throughout your reflection and career decision-making process. Call to schedule an appointment.