Climate Change & Renewable Energy

Faced with the realities of climate change, the professionals and companies that make up this field do important work preserving natural resources, developing sustainable energy and infrastructure, healing damaged ecosystems, and helping companies, cities, and other organizations take steps toward sustainability. Many people in this field find fulfilment in addressing the real challenges we face as a planet, finding and working to enact solutions where others may experience hopelessness. CC prepares its students for a career in environmental science and sustainability by being an example of what it is like to be an organization committed to sustainability-minded growth, by giving students a strong foundation in science, providing research and community engaged fieldwork opportunities that exposes students to the equipment, processes, and procedures of real professional work in this field.

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In an environmental policy career, professionals develop, enforce, write, and/or analyze policies that affect the environment. These professionals may work for elected officials, government and regulatory agencies, non-profits, and for-profit corporations.


Environmental or Sustainability consultants work for firms that contract with other entities including other companies and organizations, state and local governments, and others to assess the impact of proposed projects or practices, and to come up with ways to develop more sustainable practices.


Nonprofits in this space do several different things including advocacy, community organizing, educating, and mobilizing donors and volunteers to achieve specific goals.

Renewable Energy

Professionals in this category is made up of scientists and engineers at private companies and national laboratories that develop new technologies, as well as implement and scale existing technologies.



    National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Golden, CO)


      Rocky Mountain Institute - (Boulder, CO)

        Rainforest Alliance

        US Locations in NY, MN, VT, & MD

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