Government, Policy & Public Service

Working for the government or in policy is exciting and demanding. There are more opportunities than most people realize. Jobs span all industries: politics, security, finance, health, agriculture, parks, community organizing. Check out the Pros and Cons of Working for the Government (this applies to policy too!) and see if this is the world for you.

Some great reasons to explore this world are:

  • Build your network
  • Upward mobility
  • Work with purpose
  • Work life balance
  • Health benefits, retirement, educational discounts
  • Lots of training
  • Pay off student loans

Explore Careers



  • Brookings Institution
  • CSIS
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Heritage
  • Wilson Center
  • RAND Corp.
  • Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Center for American Progress
  • Urban Institute
  • Atlantic Council


Join a club/ organization on campus

American Enterprise Institute Executive Council

The American Enterprise Institute Executive Council is a student group dedicated to eloquently and respectfully representing the principles of limited government, economic freedom, human dignity, and a strong American role in the world to the Colorado College community. We are a campus chapter of the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington, D.C. think tank known for its work in foreign and domestic policy, including education, taxation, fiscal policy, culture, and much more. Executive Council members invite speakers to campus each semester, host a regular discussion group, and attend a AEI conferences twice yearly.

Colorado College Democrats (CC Dems)

CC Democrats advocates, organizes, and educates on behalf of progressive causes on campus and in the Colorado Springs community.

Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA)

The Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA) is comprised of members democratically elected by the Colorado College student body. CCSGA gives students a crucial role in the campus-wide development of an enriching college experience. CCSGA strives to make life at Colorado College not only intellectual, but also enjoyable and meaningful. In addition to being a source of support for student organizations and events, CCSGA is also a forum for cooperative action and provides a voice calling for progress. CCSGA is dedicated to the improvement of Colorado College and is driven by the passion and determination of its students.

John Quincy Adams Society

The John Quincy Adams Society is a national organization with collegiate chapters across the country. The organization strives to identify, to educate and to equip the next generation of scholars and policy leaders dedicated to fostering a new era of realism and restraint in American foreign policy. In addition to blockly meetings, we invite guest speakers that represent realist foreign policy to come and speak on campus. Anyone and everyone is welcome, feel free to email us to find out more.

Model United Nations (MUN)

The Model United Nations Club will encourage understanding in international security, health policy, environmental protection, human rights, and humanitarian aid by researching countries' positions and representing them at collegiate conferences. Members of the club will also strive to promote global awareness on campus.

Peace Corps Prep Program

This exciting new initiative on campus is a great way to track all your experiences. Using Summit, we can track classes, international experiences, language courses and service hours in a concise manner. The Peace Corps Prep Program allows students to articulate their experiences no matter what internship or job is being applied for. Being able to tell your story is important! Contact Gretchen in the Advising Hub for more information and how to get involved.

Sunrise Movement

We are a political action group dedicated to cultivating political awareness and action for climate justice by both acting locally and coordinating nationally. Come join the movement.

Opportunities and Resources


Working for the government or in policy can be quite different from agency to agency or organization to organization. Some offices may thrive in the team setting. Some may be quite solitary. One thing we do know is that there are top skills each industry looks for:

  • Communication: whether this is through oral or written means, communication is key. Many policy jobs will emphasize the need for research so written skills are crucial. Oral presentations are often found in both industries.
  • Research: we mentioned this above but strong research skills are critical in the policy world. Find experience in both quantitative and qualitative skills. Take classes to refine these skills even if they aren't required for your major. There are several free options available on the web as well to pick up some of these skills such as R or Tableau.
  • Data Analysis: this goes hand in hand with research. Cleaning data is a skill most policy jobs want to see on a resume. This detailed work is important so make sure that a sharp eye is ready to go!
  • Critical thinking: this is liberal arts at it's best! After analyzing the data, it's important to convey arguments so the lay person can understand. Be creative and innovative with how this is done. Look at the results, ask questions and react.
  • Teamwork and flexibility: working together is important in many jobs. Offices in the policy and government world can be varied - some are large and some are small. Either way, working together to achieve the end goal is important. This doesn't mean one has to be the biggest extrovert in the room. But it does mean those adaptability skills will come into play. Be the person that says YES!

So how does one obtain these skills? Classwork. Extracurriculars on campus. Volunteer work. Internships. Jobs. Put yourself out there to prove that you have a strong work ethic. Telling your story is key! These skills are likely already in the toolbox but make sure it stands out in a resume or interview with the experiences already accomplished.

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