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Resume Examples

Below are some standard examples of quality resumes. Industries can have different expectations for appropriate resume content and formatting. Always check with the Career Center if you have questions about your industries of interest.

Environmental Field with detailed skills. Centered, single line header. Volunteer experience without bullets. Two-lin format, two titles under one organization. 

First-Year, Education and Mentoring, includes high school. Header includes two columns. Simple skills section. Two-line format, title and date first line and organization, location on line two.

Environmental and Policy Experience includes relevant coursework, and campus experiences. Computer and language experience. Single-line format.

On-Campus Leadership Experiences. Two dates for a single experience. Honors, coursework, and study abroad. Two-line format with title and date on line one, and organization, location on line two. Language and computer skills.

Law Related Experience. On-campus leadership experiences. Section with no bullets. Single-line format.

Economics and Business Experience. On-campus relevant experiences including Greek life and investment club. Two-line format with capitalization.

Outdoor and Backcountry Experience. Certifications included. Single-line format.

Economics Related Experience. Greek life and on-campus experiences. Two-line format with organization on line one, title and date on line two.

Research Section along with environmental and non-profit experiences , two pages.

Environmental and Sustainability Experience. Skills section and Leadership without bullets.

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