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    Resume Examples

    Below are standard examples of what a quality resume looks like.

    Industries can have different expectations for appropriate resume content and formatting. Always check with the Career Center if you have questions about your industries of interest.

    Anya Goodwin: Double line format for experience, includes art shows

    Derek Jimenez: Double line format for experience

    Evelina SkyeSingle line format for experience

    Ellen Smith-Marston: Undeclared major, includes information from high school

    Franklin WuTwo columns, double line format for experience

    Jeremy Clarkson: Functional skills section

    Kimberly Samuels: Double line format for experience

    Marcell Brown: Functional resume

    Martina Von Flaxen: Single line format for experience, three sections including one without bullets

    Randall Cook: Summary example, creative double line format for experience

    Shawn Kellington: Double line format for experience with organization name on first line

    Susan Wauneka: Undeclared major, minimal experience

    Victoria Rutledge: Single line format, outdoor resume - includes personal backcountry and backcountry leadership experience