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About Us

Career Center StaffThe Career Center supports the liberal arts mission of the college by helping students effectively develop their professional capabilities, tell their stories, and build resilience as they prepare for opportunities in a rapidly changing world. We offer a variety of professional development services and programs that help students explore their interests, discover paths to opportunities, and prepare for professional interactions.

We hope to have information available to you here whenever you need it, but we also want to talk with you in person. Let us know how we can assist you in making plans during and beyond Colorado College.

Career Center Staff

Megan Nicklaus, Career Center Director

Megan Nicklaus
Career Center Director

 Don Bricker

Don Bricker
Associate Director  

Jane Byrnes

Jane Byrnes
Health Professions Advisor

 Andrea Culp

Andrea Culp
Career Coach 

Sarah Greene

Sarah Greene
Office Coordinator 

Laura Snyder

Laura Snyder
Career Coach

Lani Hinkle, PIFP Administrator

Stacey Stevens
Career Coach

Gretchen Wardell

Gretchen Wardell
Career Coach/Pre-Law Advisor


Anna Naden '15

Student Staff

Feel free to contact all student staff at

Kadesha Caradine '16

Major: Feminist and Gender Studies

Campus Involvement: FemGen Student Advisory Council, Editor for the Monthly Rag, Black Student Union, Student Liason for the Colorado College Alumni and Students of Color Association, Career Center Intern

Favorite Block: Black Power Across the Atlantic

When I was a child, I wanted to be a superstar. Now I'm not sure, but superstar is still an option.

 Abbi Moore

Abbie Moore, '18

Major: Possibly Biochemistry

Campus Involvement: DAwG, Delta Gamma, Health Professions Club, Student Advisory Committee

Favorite Block: Chem I

I wanted to be a photographer or a marine biologist when I was a kid. Now, I don't know!

Burk Huey

Burk Huey '16

Major: Economics, Russian minor

Campus Involvement: State of the Rockies

Favorite Block: Economics of Higher Education

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a therapist.

Olivia Foster '17

Olivia Foster '17

Major: History-Political Science

Campus Involvement: Writing Center Tutor, FYE Mentor, Co-Chair of Aprender Mediante Amistad,  2017 Class Committee Representative, Portuguese Club

Favorite Block: Intro to Comparative Politics

As a kid, I wanted to be a spy, the President, or an astronaut. Ideally all three. Now, I'm considering finance.

Elizabeth Conant

Elizabeth Conant '16

Major: Comparative Literature

Campus Involvement: Writing Center, Career Center, Winter Start Mentor

Favorite Block: Paranoia in Latin America Fiction

As a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina archeologist. Now, I plan on working in English as a Second Language textbook publishing.

Eva McKinsey '17

Eva McKinsey '17

Major: Political Science

Campus Involvement: Career Intern (woohoo!), FYE Mentor, Colorado College Children's Center Volunteer

Favorite Block: Political Psychology

I wanted to be a preschool teacher as a child. Now I just don't know - that's partly why I work here! As of now, I'm thinking child psychology.