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    Meet Our Staff


    Megan Nicklaus
    Career Center Director
    719.389.6424Megan Nicklaus

    Megan joined the Career Center as the Director in 2013. Prior to joining CC, she was the Associate Director for the Center for Student Development at Vanderbilt University, where she led the campus recruiting program and worked extensively with career coaching. Megan holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Dayton and a Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She feels fortunate to work with such a wonderful team and with a College Community, where faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and even students are committed to helping students prepare and connect to meaningful work.

    When I was growing up I wanted to be a doctor – I went all the way through college pursuing that goal, until I volunteered at a local hospital and realized the sight of blood makes me faint.

    Career Coaches

    Allison Barr
    Career Coach
    719.389.6425AllisonBarr Headshot Cropped

    Allison holds an M.S. in Psychology from Chatham University. Prior to joining Colorado College, she worked as a new market entry consultant, leadership development manager, and program designer in Europe, the Middle East and Canada. With a specialty in market entry and profitability consulting, her passions lie in her love for coaching, facilitation and advancing gender equity. Her career and education to date reflects her balanced skill set in professional development, business acumen and cultural agility. When she's not coaching students, you can find her at CrossFit, relaxing with friends, or hiking with her fiance and gentle giant of a rescue dog, Lovey. 

    As a child, her dream job was a to be a dancer or, as her dad puts it, "the person who brings everyone together for fun and food."

    Jane Byrnes
    Health Professions Advisor
    719.389.6429Jane Byrnes

    Jane is a Michigan native who attended Central Michigan University for her undergraduate degree in Recreational Therapy and a Master’s degree in Health Administration. She worked for several years in out-patient rehabilitation working with patients who endured traumatic brain injuries, and she eventually ran outpatient pain management programs for patients with chronic pain conditions. Her hobbies include parenting 3 awesome kids, camping, hiking, and Zumba.

    Since the age of 9, I wanted to work with kids with disabilities. I got to do that and more! Now I get to assist young adults in pursuing their passion to help people too.

    Andrea Culp
    Career Coach
    719.389.6310Andrea Culp

    Andrea joined the Career Center in 1997. She learned of, and gained, her first position in the office by happenstance (ask her more about it). Andrea has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master’s in Community Counseling from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. The Career Center has changed a great deal over the years, and she has had the pleasure of growing, adapting, and continually challenging herself through several different roles within the office.

    I wanted to be a child psychologist when I was a kid.

    Kashia Dunner
    Career Coach
    719.389.6245Kashia Dunner

    Kashia holds a M.A. in Latin American Studies from The George Washington University and B.A.s in Political Science and Latin American Studies from the College of Charleston. Before joining the Colorado College family, she served in the U.S. diplomatic corps with assignments in Latin America and the Middle East and worked at a variety of non-profits dedicated to social justice and sustainable development. Kashia is passionate about engaging underserved and underrepresented populations; leadership development; and equity and inclusion. When she’s not helping students #SecureTheBag and #SecureTheSeat, you can find her working out, cooking, or exploring Colorado with her fiancé Ryan and toy poodle Bandit.

    When I was growing up I wanted to be a human rights lawyer. Since I still haven’t grown up (just gotten older), law school is still very much on the table.

    John Mann
    Career Coach
    John Mann

    John holds an MBA in Marketing and a BS in Chemical Engineering. He spent the first half of his career at large consumer products companies designing detergents, roasting coffee, and helping to market products – including a lot of beer. In the second half of his career, he’s been an independent marketing and research consultant, as well as an Executive Faculty-in-Residence at CC teaching marketing. He is devoting the latter part of his career to helping young adults get a great start on theirs.

    If I ever grow up, my high school career aptitude tests suggested I should be an English professor. I ran as far and fast from that suggestion as I could, and became a chemical engineer instead. After several career pivots, I’ve found my true passion in the classroom, teaching marketing, which is fundamentally storytelling. So my aptitude test was correct all along.

    “Not all those who wander are lost.” – JRR Tolkien

    Gretchen Wardell
    Career Coach/Pre-Law Advisor
    719.389.6426Gretchen Wardell

    Gretchen graduated with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Jacksonville University in Florida. A Colorado Springs native, she then moved back and worked for a real estate development company that managed shopping malls for many years.  She received her Master’s from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in Counseling. Working with the students here inspires her every day because of the amazing things students want to accomplish. She loves helping students find their voice and tell their stories.

    My dream job growing up was to work with giraffes at the zoo. But then I realized I had to take a lot of science classes, so I quickly changed my mind. Although, they are still my favorites when visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!


    Cari Hanrahan
    Director of the Public Interest Fellowship Program and Nonprofit InitiativesCari Hanrahan Staff Photo

    Cari Hanrahan has a BA in Psychology from Carleton College and an MA in Leadership from the School of Education at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She first found her niche in the nonprofit world as a college access coach with College Possible at South Division High School in Milwaukee, WI. She moved to Colorado in 2014 to run outreach and access in the CC Office of Admission before shifting into the Career Center. As the Director for PIFP and Nonprofit Initiatives, she’s thrilled to have a foot in each of her favorite doors: nonprofits and higher education. Cari absolutely loves working with students on their PIFP application materials, and if you twist her arm she’ll likely have side conversations with you about leadership, resilience, and the nonprofit sector.

    When Cari was a little kid, she wanted to be a Broadway Star. The last (and only) time she’s ever acted on stage was in 3rd grade.

    Michael McNamee
    Assistant Director, Career Volunteer Initiatives, Office of Alumni and Family Relations
    Career Center Affiliate
    719.389.7771Michael McNamee

    A native of Montana, Michael earned a Bachelor's in Journalism and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Wyoming. He started his career in public relations for Big Brothers Big Sisters, where he continues to serve as a volunteer. Michael loves connecting alumni and parents with volunteer opportunities and assisting students in finding meaningful professions.

    When I was a child, I wanted to be a weatherman.

    Jolina (Jo) MeechanJo Headshot
    Office Administrator

    Jo was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She has her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University and her Master’s in Psychology from Pepperdine University. Prior to moving across the Rockies and joining Colorado College, she recruited interns & new graduates for Northrop Grumman, and interned at University College Dublin’s Career Development Centre in Ireland.  Jo feels privileged to supervise the center’s Peer Interns and to help students navigate their available resources. In her spare time, she can be found reading a WWII novel, baking, or exploring the outdoors with her husband, Sean. 

    My childhood dream profession was to be a ballerina – I wanted to dance & choreograph beautiful productions.

    Anna Squires
    Marketing & Communications Fellow
    719.389.7001Anna Squires 2

    Anna graduated magna cum laude from CC in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Political Science and an independently designed minor in Multimedia Communications. She now designs the Career Center's print and digital communications and runs the non-credit side of Dynamic Half Block, the Rising Senior Symposium, and the 5 Under 25 Program. She enjoys "keeping the Career Center beautiful", whether it's online or in print, and loves amplifying the Career Center's message across campus and beyond. In her free moments, you can find Anna practicing yoga, roller skating, and drinking a great deal of coffee.

    When I was growing up, I wanted to be a pirate. (I attribute this to watching Pirates of the Caribbean approximately 10,000 times.)

    Brett Woodard
    Director of the Colorado College Edge Internship Program
    719.389.6279Brett headshot for CC website

    A Pennsylvania native, Brett earned a Bachelor's in Journalism and a Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining CC, he was the Associate Director for Experiential Learning and Entrepreneurship at The College of Wooster, where he collaborated with faculty, alumni, and corporate and community partners to help students bridge liberal arts and the professional world through team-based consulting projects and internships. He has worked extensively in Career Development, spanning roles at Appalachian State University, UNC-Greensboro, Elon University and Saint Joseph’s University. An avid photographer, Brett regularly has camera gear in tow, whether on campus or a mountain top, and also enjoys graphic design, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking.

    When I was growing up, I wanted to be a newscaster, filmmaker, or children’s book author and illustrator.