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Ticket and Talk - was designed to increase understanding with the students, referencing the tickets they receive. They are not issued tickets when they are contacted in violation of the law if they are under the influence of alcohol, instead, they are provided with an appointment. In the appointment, the campus resource officer talks with them about their violations and why they are receiving a ticket, all in a controlled environment. This program is designed to open up the lines of communication between the Colorado College student population and the officers of the Colorado Springs Police Department. This delayed enforcement action gives the student a chance to clear his/her body of alcohol so he/she can fully comprehend the summons. It allows the student to be fully aware of their actions while intoxicated. It also allows both the student and officer to see each other in a different light. Since the implementation of this program, the number of tickets has decreased on campus and the students have had positive comments on how they felt about the process.

VW Program - was created as part of the Ticket and Talk program. In this program, when students are contacted for a liquor law violation and they are respectful and compliant, many times they are released with just a verbal warning. They will also be sent a follow-up email that talks about their violation and what the punishment is under the Colorado law. They are informed if they have repeat violations they will be cited. The email also asks for their feedback on the interactions between them and the police.

Drug Talk - students who are found to be in possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, and or displaying signs of being under the influence of marijuana will go through Drug Talk with the campus resource officer. This program allows the officer to examine each individual offense and work with the student to determine what the best sanction (summons, community service, reaches papers, counseling, etc.) would be. This allows the students an opportunity to stay out of the court system and to take ownership of their mistakes and take measures to help change their behavior.

Party Contacts - is a program created to ensure that Colorado College students and the surrounding community share and maintain the high quality of life we enjoy here in Colorado Springs. With the number of noise complaints and liquor law violations increasing in the past few years, Party Contacts was created to take a more proactive approach in handling parties and enforcing nuisance violations that affect our quality of life.

Students hosting a party are required to register the party online with Campus Safety. Early in the night, officers meet with the host to talk about the night and go over expectations.

The officers spend time going over the roles of being a responsible host(s), making sure neighbors have been contacted, and going over several liquor laws and nuisance violations that will cause the party to be shut down. The officer also talks about safety concerns for the party and helps the host explore ideas and setups that could help the party run smoother. Officers continue to monitor the party throughout the night to make sure all of the requirements are being met. If they continue to host a responsible party no action will be taken. If there are numerous violations that are not addressed by the host, the party will be shut down and the host could face school and or criminal sanctions.

Sober Host - This program was developed as part of the Party Contact Program. All Colorado College parties on and off-campus should be staffed with a sober host. For the last several years we have provided all students who want to live off-campus with off-campus living presentations. These presentations cover a number of topics including responsible party hosting and having a sober host at every party. During the 2011-2012 school year, Sober Host became a formal program. We work with all students who want to host a party and encourage them to register their party and provide the name of their sober host to the campus resource officer or Campus Safety. The sober host serves as the contact point for campus safety, police, and most importantly their neighbors should there be issues or concerns at the party. This program has been successful in reducing the number of complaints and concerns for the community and CSPD Officers.

CC7 - Colorado College Campus Safety works collaboratively with the Colorado Springs Police Department. During the block, CSPD Extra Duty Officers are hired to assist in patrolling the campus and surrounding neighborhood. The CC7, or Extra Duty Officers, assist Campus Safety in making party contacts. These officers work very closely with the Campus Resource Officer and often defer enforcement to the CRO.

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