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Call Box Locations

Make sure you know the location of the closest emergency call box to your residence, your office, and along your standard walking routes. Emergency Call Boxes are located in the following areas:

Call Box 100. Southeast corner of Child Care parking lot.
Call Box 101. West side of Sorority/Fraternity parking lot.
Call Box 102. Northwest corner of South Hall parking lot.
Call Box 103. Northwest parking lot adjacent 1140.
Call Box 104. South side of Mathias Parking Lot.
Call Box 105. East side of Max Kade Study Center.
Call Box 106. South East side of JLK.
Call Box 107. West side of Wood Ave.
Call Box 108. South Side of Boettcher.
Call Box 109. Northwest corner of Ticknor.
Call Box 110. South of the Football Press Box.
Call Box 111. East side of Tennis Courts
Call Box 112. Southeast corner of Honnen Ice Rink.
Call Box 113. Northeast corner of Worner Center.
Call Box 114. Northeast corner of Armstrong Annex Parking Lot.
Call Box 115. North side of Armstrong Parking Lot.
Call Box 116. South side of Tutt Library.
Call Box 117. Southwest corner of Barnes Science Center.
Call Box 118. Northeast corner of Shove Chapel.
Call Box 119. Southwest corner of Northeast Parking Lot.
Call Box 120. North side of Tutt Science Center.
Call Box 121.  Cornerstone Parking Lot (S-3)
Call Box 122.  East side of CC Inn