Safety Liaison Overview

The Safety Liaison Program has been established to continue the commitment to providing a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors during an emergency. Campus Safety and Prevention/Response Emergency Management Planning Team (PreEMPT) Committee initiated the program in 2018 to empower employees from each academic and admisitrative building on campus with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to help building occupants (students, faculty, staff, and visitors) evacuate, shelter-in-place, or lock down as quickly and safely as possible in an emergency.

A Safety Liaison is a person assigned to a specific building, or set of buildings, or a specific floor, or several floors within a specific building on campus. Each college facility will have an assigned number of Safety Liaisons based on the size and location of the building(s).

All liaisons must have supervisor approval and support to join Colorado College's Safety Liaison team. Safety Liaisons are not ever required to put their own safety in jeopardy or carry out any task that they cannot perform comfortably or safely. There is no compensation, beyond regular wages for one's primary position, for serving as a Safety Liaison.


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