Primary Tasks

Orient yourself to your building/floor in the following ways:

  • Know the locations of all exits
  • Know the locations of and how to activate the fire alarms
  • Know the location of and how to operate a fire extinguisher (if your building has them)
  • Know the locations of all stairwells
  • Know the locations of automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Learn all evacuation routes and designated evacuation areas
  • Retain contact information for your fellow safety liaisons
  • Know what hazards might be present in your building and identify ways to avoid those hazards during an evacuation (ex. constructions projects, areas of chemical storage, etc)
  • Be familiar with the location of any individuals with accessibility or mobility needs in your area
  • Be familiar with general building knowledge, including locations of mechanical rooms and utility shut offs

Orient others:

  • Introduce yourself to individuals in your building/floor, identify yourself as the safety liaison, and provide them with a handout that explains your role
  • Orient new employees on the emergency procedures for the building/floor
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