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Mentoring & Leadership Development

The S.A.I.L. (Sophomore Advanced Initiative for Leadership) Mentoring Program

Make the most of your sophomore year with the S.A.I.L. Mentoring Program! The S.A.I.L. (Sophomore Advanced Initiative for Leadership) Mentoring Program is designed to create a culture of mentorship that supports the retention, success and sense of belonging of sophomore students at Colorado College. Sophomores are supported through mentoring partnerships with junior or senior Peer Leaders, blockly workshops and activities focusing on comprehensive success. For more information, contact the Coordinator of Mentoring and Diversity Initiative at (719) 389-6849 or

In S.A.I.L., sophomore students are supported through focusing on 7 areas:

  1. Academic success (advising, time management, plan of study)

  2. Career readiness (resumes/cover letters, internship & job search, goal attainment)

  3. Study abroad (access to information on off-campus learning and funding travel)

  4. Self-knowledge (social identity development, wellness strategies, reflection)

  5. Interpersonal development (leadership, mentoring, intercultural communication)

  6. Financial Literacy (understanding personal budgets, financial aid, economic wellness)

  7. Networking (access to various departments, offices, faculty, staff, and alums)

Sophomore students interested in joining the S.A.I.L. Mentoring Program for the 2017-18 academic year are invited to attend the Orientation on Tuesday, September 12th from 4-5 p.m. in Loomis Lounge, and to complete an application – due as an email attachment to the Coordinator of Mentoring & Diversity Initiatives ( by 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 14th.

The Men's Leadership Initiative 

The Men’s Leadership Initiative invites undergraduate men to discuss and interrogate masculinities, patriarchy, and other critical issues centered on inclusion and equity. As men often feel left out or believe they are the  target of discussions around social justice, this group is one important approach to invite and include men in the conversation. This project partners with faculty and staff men who do similar work and provide guidance to the undergraduates via the Men’s Advisory Council.

Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind, Body, and Soul is a Butler Center initiative that focuses on nurturing the minds, bodies and souls of women of color on campus. Through a range of discussions, meditations and bonding moments, this group hopes to create an intimate space that encourages vulnerability and cultivates women to being the best of who they wish to be. Please contact Nikkita McPherson for more information.

Meetings are Blocks 2, 4, 6, and 8
2nd week Tuesdays
5:30-7pm at the Interfaith House 

Heads of State (Sustained Leadership Roundtable for Butler Groups)

Heads of State Mission Expectations and Responsibilities

Heads of State (HOS) is a block-ly gathering of the leaders of Butler Groups. The meetings provide an opportunity for the co-chairs and officers of the student organizations to develop leadership capacity, connect with faculty and staff on campus, and to collaborate with their peers. Heads of State assist student leaders to find the intersections between their organizational missions that will help the campus community, as a whole, achieve the goals of The Butler Center.  Some key components of the new HOS leadership initiative include: an “Advising By Objectives” philosophy; personal and professional development activities; networking/partnership development with other colleges and universities; and incentivized leadership engagement (The Butler Center sponsored outings, off campus retreats and conference).  Please contact Pearl Leonard-Rock for more information.