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First Generation Collegiate Program

First Generation Collegiate Program

Program Objective: To assist students (with targeted programs and services) who are 1st generation college students to feel and exercise pride in their status as a 1st generation college student by building capacities in their abilities to navigate their undergraduate experience while at the same time best preparing them for life after college.

The First Generation Collegiate Program provides support to students who come from families where neither parent or their guardian has graduated with a 4-year college degree.The program consists of a blockly luncheon for first-generation students, staff and faculty which is usually centered around a theme or issue of particular interest to first-generation students. Topics have included; preparing for graduate school, choosing mentors, studying abroad, and stress reduction.

First-generation staff and faculty provide support for students in informal mentoring relationships, as well as sharing personal stories relating to the first-generation college experience.

The First Generation Collegiate Program is a collaborative effort between The Butler Center and other offices and departments across campus. In addition to the block-ly meetings, other events during the year include a Social for incoming first-generation students and their families, a “pinning’” ceremony of first-generation college graduates and local excursions in the wider Colorado Springs community.

  • Blockly meetings on topics that will empower students (connecting them to faculty and staff; resources)
  • Advising meetings (one-to-one opportunities) to build confidence
  • Mentor Meetings (individual attention to their specific academic/psychosocial needs)
  • Special opportunities: to be mentors in our Sophomore Advanced Initiative for Leadership; to be panelists; to hear guest speakers; make application for grant or scholarship dollars

The First Generation Program meets the third Thursday of every block unless otherwise noted. All lunches and events are free of charge.

Please RSVP to reserve a meal during the following meeting times during 2017-2018

Block 1: September 13, Tutt Library Event Space, RSVP to

Block 2: October 11, Tutt Library Event Space, RSVP to

Block 3: November 8, Tutt Library Event Space, RSVP to

Block 4: No block-ly meeting.

Block 5: February 7, Tutt Library Event Space, RSVP to

Block 6: March 7, Tutt Library Event Space, RSVP to

Block 7: April 11, Tutt Library Event Space, RSVP to

Block 8: May 9, Tutt Library Event Space, RSVP to