With the diversity of our student body, Colorado College is a safe space for students of different backgrounds and traditions. To provide proper spiritual support, our campus has various student organizations that embody a range of faiths and beliefs. If you're looking for your spiritual community, you're at the right place. If you'd like to know more about Religious Life and other Spiritual programs available at CC, you should visit the Chaplain's Office page.

Spiritual Life Organizations

CC Catholic Community 


CC Students for Christ 

b_chan@coloradocollege.edu, e_konrath@coloradocollege.edu, and j_mcroskey@coloradocollege.edu 

CC Hillel 

a_caldwell@coloradocollege.edu and d_williams@coloradocollege.edu 

Muslim Students Association


Sacred Grounds 

e_barga@coloradocollege.edu and r_bayer@coloradocollege.edu 

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