Pronoun Tent Initiative

pronoun tents

The Butler Center is proud to engage in Colorado College "pronoun practice" through our traveling Pronoun Tent initiative!

Almost two years ago, the Diversity and Equity Advisory Board (DEAB) began their initial discussions about establishing a "pronoun practice" at CC.

DEAB decided that the college should offer all campus community members the opportunity to self-identify their pronouns. For the first time ever, this year's incoming class heard a short presentation about our "pronoun practice" during NSO's "Sense of Belonging" presentation. Students were invited to add pronoun labels to their name tags - if they wanted. The "option to pass" and recognizing fluidity are key principles to our "pronoun practice".

CC's "pronoun practice" is essential to creating an inclusive campus community where all aspects of people's identities are respected and validated. Our traveling Pronoun Tent initiative allows departments and offices on campus to request small table tents with information on different gender pronouns. Table tents can encourage a mutual sharing of pronouns with guests to your area. The tents may also reduce confusion about how to use a diversity of pronouns in everyday interactions. If any department is interested in hosting pronoun tents for a block or would like to learn more about this initiative, please contact The Butler Center at

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