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Dialogue Series

The goal of The Butler Center dialogue series is to give students a safe and brave space to experience intercultural communication with other students.

Facilitators will provide opportunities for participants to deepen their understanding of dimensions of identity (The Big 8);  topics to include but not limited to race, nationalism, class, sexual orientation, abilities and gender. Our aim is to assist students in developing strategies through interactive discussion, self-awareness and reflection activities that foster positive change both on and off campus.  Participants will be given time to both talk and listen. Preparation materials (videos, personal stories and/or articles) for each dialogue will be shared with students who reserve their space to attend.

Past Dialogue Series Topics

White Privilege, September 7, 2016

Race and Internalized Oppression, October 5, 2016

Nationality, November 2, 2016

Class, December 7, 2016

Ability, February  1, 2017